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Mailman delivered me a nice old Ideal Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Post some pics and we can tell you in a heartbeat if it is original or not. For assassinations, obviously - I'm shocked at the enthusiasm displayed for these man-killer rounds, I tell you.

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Roeder commanded his company in defense of the strategic Mount Battaglia. After checking it out it is refurbished but I don't really care and neither does my brother, we like shooters, not collecters. It is a soil that readily becomes mud- the water is not absorbed, nor does it seem to run off. Didn't get it today, in fact I've had it for ten days or so. But by the time the bullet reaches about yards I think the subsonic ammo becomes less accurate because the wind will affect it more.

Finding a mold was put on the back burner for years. Also works great with a muffler. And I bet it wouldn't work well at all in my. Will the bullet rise six inces from to yards or will the sight still be off at yds?

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This is, of course, subsonic at most altitudes. The spot is a most admirably adapted for the purpose intended, situated as it is, near to good water, and completely sheltered from the weather by hills which are well wooded. When I use subsonic ammo I don't have that problem. At times the ammunition was so low the men resorted to throwing rocks at the advancing Germans. Cogno, Ergo, Boom If you're gonna be stupid, don't pull up short.

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Don't know if they are still in business. By staying below the speed of sound, subsonic rounds avoid this. How soon we know not, but wait in expectancy. He was carried to the company command post, where he regained consciousness.

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Clean the front sight blade and put a drop of epoxy on top. Other than that was awesome. We are infinitely better off than our neighbors on the flat, who have no grade, and did not take the trouble we did.

Roeder constantly circulated among his men, encouraging them and directing their defense against the persistent enemy. Below find the stories of two of our Medal of Honor holders who served in World War ll. It casts fine, but I need to do a micrometer check on the diameter. Create a Free virgin profile Create your own profile here.

Some use it for avoiding detection while taking game that they should not. During the sixth counterattack, the enemy, by using flamethrowers and taking advantage of the fog, how do you hook up succeeded in overrunning the position Capt. It takes care of the racoons on my back porch fairly well without alerting the neighbors.

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Now it works with all but the cheapest ammo. As far as value I'm nowhere near an expert but I've been looking locally for awhile. Each profile submitted is viewed by our team for verification before it is posted onto the website. Beautiful piece of machining, almost better than sex when I unwrapped it. Originally Posted by lightman.

For one thing, it can be more accurate. The health of our Colonel has for some days past been delicate, but we are most happy to say that he is now convalescent, and will be able, shortly to resume the arduous duties of his new profession. The more especially as many in and around your borough have relatives or friends serving in the ranks, for whose personal welfare they have and feel a warm interest.

The health of the other officers as a general thing is excellent. Lyman only made this mold for a couple of years. It is sometimes tough to keep is all straight. Managed to pull a muscle in my left leg doing that so that's going to set my plans back since I can barely walk, with a cane, right now. Please consider common curtesy and politeness when communicating.

The bullets drop more of course. While I was sure of the numbers, I did verify by Google before posting. All the parts are there, and nothing abused. There is a deceptively large amount of math involved in this interest we all share.

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They are placed on good log foundations, the inter-space plastered with clay, and are as a general thing floored. We have had several attempts to snow lately, but until last evening they did not amount to much. An exploding shell rendered him unconscious and he was carried by his me to the command post. Our men begin to drill well and bid fair at rival the crack regimental of the reserve.

Some say that bullets travelling at subsonic speeds actually are less affected by the wind but that's not my experience. For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at risk of life above and beyond the call of duty. Roeder dragged himself to the door of the command post and, picking up a rifle, virtual braced himself in a sitting position. The sight if set at the bullet will be quite high at or even the arc is highest around mark. Some use this so that neighbors are not disturbed when varmints are dispatched.

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  2. Model of and we are having one hell of a time getting it to hit.
  3. His valorous performance is exemplary of the fighting spirit of the U.
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Shortly after the company had occupied the hill, the Germans launched the first of a series of determined counterattacks to regain this dominating height. Best shooting bullet in my Clark Longslide I have found to date. He cures the many pains that our human flesh is heir as much by his exuberant humor and attie wit, as he does with his strengthening compounds. Each tent contains a fire place built of brick, singles sa which our efficient Regimental Quartermaster was so fortunate as to obtain for the hauling at no great distance from the grounds.

Military Bumper Stickers

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  • After the seventh attack made by the Germans using artillery and flame throwers, Captain Roeder gallantly lead his company in a hand to hand fight.
  • Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
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There are no limits to the cost or type of information transmitted from a virgin profile to an individual making contact requests. Altogether we have one of the handsomest, best regulated, and cleanest camps on this side of the Potomac. The streets are laid out with mathematical precision, and the tents of the men are, in their way, models of comfort.

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