Minor Characters in Divergent

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Character Analysis

Initiates are forced to face hallucinations based upon their deepest fears. Their leader is Jeanine Matthews. When Jeanine sentences Tris to death, she comes to her rescue. Natalie was sent to prevent Erudite from exterminating Divergents and was classified as a year-old so she could have time to adapt in Dauntless for a year. He is secretly in love with her, but she instead married Andrew Prior upon entering Chicago.

Uriah's body is then cremated with his ashes scattered by Zeke and Hana down The Chasm, as the epilogue reveals. She serves as Amity's representative, since they do not believe in having a formal leader. She is sent back to Amity by Tori after the attack on Erudite with an apparent message that Amity are not part of new political system due to their neutrality during the war. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tori was killed during an ambush in Allegiant while attempting to leave the city.

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  1. He formulates the plan to send Caleb to release the memory serum on the compound that ultimately results in Tris's death.
  2. As Beatrice looks back, she sees a boy who wasn't able to jump on the train recede in the distance.
  3. Or, you know, sleep with your eyes closed.
  4. He occasionally offers to drive the Prior siblings as well, but they always politely turn down his offer as they would not want to inconvenience anyone.
  5. Divergent Characters Books Like Divergent.

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She has also stood up for the other initiates. Fernando is a member of Erudite faction. Later she gets beat up by Tris until she is bloody. During her initiation Tris befriends transfer initiates Christina, Al, and Will but comes into conflict with fellow initiates Peter, Drew, and Molly. She comes to visit Tris on Visiting Day and after finding out her being Divergent, instructs her to visit her brother and talk to him about simulation serum.

By Veronica Roth

Divergent Characters - Divergent Factions - Book and Movie News

List of Divergent characters

He is very protective of his loved ones. In the Allegiant film, Peter makes a deal with David to convince Evelyn to use the Memory Serum gas to erase the memories of everyone in Chicago. His nose is long with a narrow bridge. Beatrice was born and raised in the Abnegation faction, but chooses Dauntless because she feels it is who she truly is.

List of Divergent Movie Characters

Redirected from List of The Divergent trilogy characters. He and Tris are the most popular characters from the book. This is a list of major and minor characters in the Divergent book trilogy and its subsequent film adaptation, The Divergent Series. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Divergent by Veronica Roth. Peter appears in Divergent.

She initially has a shaved head but later her hair grows back. He fakes her death and later helps her and Four escape from Erudite. He also argues with Will two times. Once in Dauntless, she begins again under a new name - Tris.

The movie showed a different interpretation of Molly from the books, but it was a portrayal that was perfectly executed by Newbold. At the advice of their mother, Tris goes to the Erudite compound to meet and talk to Caleb about the simulation serum but he defends his faction. Max is put on trial, and is executed by Edgar. He does not like to hurt people but chooses Dauntless because he and his parents admire bravery.

  • Peter, out of anger and jealousy, along with Drew, stabs Edward in the eye with a butter knife.
  • She also arrives at the safe house during the attack on Abnegation.
  • She convinces Four to make Dauntless join with the factionless to defeat Erudite and form a new government system.
  • Unlike Erudite, which has one leader, Abnegation is led by a ruling council, and we don't have proof that all of the councilors are bad parents.
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Unfortunately, that was it for Newbold. Later she calls Tris a traitor because Tris tries to stop her from killing Jeanine, so they can retrieve the information stolen from Abnegation. He later leaves for the Abnegation sector with Susan. He also develops feelings for Tris.

She is loving and kind and is a good mother. Four is indirectly responsible for the explosion that causes Uriah's brain damage and eventual death, which he feels a deep guilt with that he never lets go for the rest of his life. She is described as having dark hair and eyes, distinct olive skin, matchmaking adjustment symbols strong angular features and appears middle-aged. He is one of Tris's close friends during initiation.

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Is this a lesson to Tris not to define herself by the boy she's dating? He is described as a broad, intimidating initiate. Co-Stars theo james sparked dating divergent actors ans actresses circling. The ruthless leader of the Dauntless, instrumental in planning the military coup that occurs at the end of the novel. During the Visiting Day his sister comes to meet and on finding out that Tris and her mother are from Abnegation, hook up sites she insults them.

He also surrenders himself to Erudite and later he and Tris escape the Erudite headquarters with the help of Peter. During the war between Allegiant and the factionless, she and Marcus meet with Four and the now-changed Evelyn to stop the war altogether and free the society from confinement. As a result, Tris decides to sacrifice herself but he begs her not to. Edward was born in Erudite but transfers into Dauntless.

Bobby is one of the only three who remain conscious, alongside Tris and Uriah, but because of his mental immaturity that renders him useless for Jeanine's experiments, Eric executes him. Divergent is the debut novel of American novelist Veronica Roth, published by Harper Collins Tris was the right character Roth wanted to be the main character of her. She choses to remain in Abnegation.

List of Divergent characters

During the invasion mission, he is the last person to climb the ladder as he was holding onto the other end for the others. David is the leader of the Bureau of Genetic Welfare's experiment in Chicago. She mercilessly teases Tris, matchmaking for growing extremely angry with her after Tris beats her in a fight and causes her ranking to be low. He does not show up to meet his parents during the Visiting Day even though they look for him.

Christina is a member of Dauntless faction and friend of Tris. He has a daughter, Susan Black, and a son, Robert Black. Eric, along with other Dauntless traitors, attacks Candor but gets caught.

He is described as having a metal ring between his nostrils. Eric transferred from Erudite, but eventually became a Dauntless initiation leader along with Four. In the epilogue, Four states that Johanna has been serving as one of Chicago's council members after the war, with him serving as her protege. He has dark blue eyes and dark brown hair with a scar on his chin and a few freckles on his nose. She was born in Erudite along with her brother, Will, who later transfers to Dauntless.

He gets shot to the side, during the attack on Erudite headquarters. She hides Beatrice's test results because she discovered that she is Divergent which is a very dangerous thing to be. He has dull gray color eyes which appears cold and a loud and long evil laugh. Amity is one of the five factions in the world of Divergent, and it is dedicated to peace.

She is resentful towards the genetically pure leaders of the compound and plans the rebellion in which Uriah is fatally injured. He also calms down Tris when Molly told lies about Tris to an Erudite reporter. She also starts a relationship with Uriah which ends with her death. David is seriously injured but is saved from Nita's growing rage when Tris appears and threatens to kill David.

Minor Characters in Divergent

List of Divergent characters

The Blacks are neighbors of the Prior family and she along with her brother, grew up with Tris and Caleb. Edward transferred to Dauntless from Erudite, marriage not dating but immediately shows his skill and strength in hand-to-hand combat. She is close friends with other Dauntless-born Uriah and Marlene. She was born in Abnegation and her father is one of the council members of Abnegation. George Wu was born in Erudite and later chose Dauntless as his faction along with his sister Tori.

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