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To begin with the stories potential was completely lost, it was a one of a kind story but there wasn't really much of plot of character development going on. The director, Gias Uddin Selim has already declared his plan to release the movie nationwide.

Monpura- Under Piracy Threat. As the overall internet connectivity in Bangladesh is too bad, so internet piracy may not hurt the distributor in great extent.

The uncut censor certificate also proves that. The rhythmic music helped the film gain a lot of publicity before its release.

Monpura, unlike many other popular Bangla films, uses the rural settings of Bangladesh, something Selim says audiences have a strong attachment to. The director of Monpura, Gias Uddin selim has recently spoken about the total cost of the movie.

But the release of Monpura was delayed and was released after some six month. She goes to psychiatrist Misir Ali Chanchal Chowdhury to find an answer to all her questions. And one thing I would like to mention about it. He dreams of making another movie after this. So the real threat for Monpura is the piracy inside Bangladesh.

It was thought that the music from Monpura was collected from Bangladeshi folk music but almost all are original songs. We have seen so many Bangla movies copied from Indian movies, And now, snowbross game Monpura will be Re-Picturised in India keeping the songs and dialogue intact. The audience in fact is constantly reminded of the beauty of the Bangladeshi countryside. The regular audience goes to theaters at the end of week to see the films of their stars. Monpura is a romantic tragedy film set in rural Bangladesh.

After a wonderful opening in the first week, Monpura might be released on other cities very soon. There are directors who will work for awards from home and abroad. Hope that, we are not far away from that day. The movie was just a whole collection of one beautiful shot after another. This movie was replaced by Monpura in a theater of Bashaboo Aagomon just after two weeks.

After Gazi's mentally challenged son kills a woman in his house, Shonai must take the blame for the murder. To me, there are only two types of films- Good films and Bad films. Very few movies in last decade got this amount of attention even before the release. It was not that big problem during the caretaker government. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Considering the fact that, these are the busiest theatres in the capital, one can imagine the nationwide success of this movie. Monpura is one such film that represents a genuine Bangladeshi rural love story. After becoming one of the most successful Bangladeshi Movie ever, Monpura is releasing Worldwide. Have you even imagined of such a success before you started?

Neither it has the Star cast that can drive the audience to theaters. But the outstanding success of Monpura has shown that theatres are the right and only place for movies. It was completely a team work.

Monpura Movie of Bangladesh

The second movie directed by Humayun Ahmed. Hats off to Giasuddin Selim, the director of the movie.

Let's time answer them all. It may run for more than a year across the country. After a long time, we have seen such an incidence where a main stream commercial film has made people rush towards theatres irrespective of age and class. And in that case, releasing on valentine day just might be the perfect choice. The two pairs of eyes met and many untold tales are revealed.

To give such a title we have to wait a few days more. Edit Storyline A housemaid is killed by a local landlord's son.

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Now the number of theaters is increasing in every week. But this was not possible due to piracy threat this time. Well, if Monpura can get even that three consecutive weeks, still it will be considered very lucky. She was adjusted best singer Female by audience poll conducted over a few months.

But taking the number of theaters in count, we have to say that it will take another week to call Monpura a Blockbuster. This one's still going down in history. The movie which is been made on the rural scenario, has found its biggest crowed in the capital, Dhaka. The sooner it get passed by another movie, The better for Bangla Movie Industry. It was not that much memorable to me.

Monpura Movie of Bangladesh

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Hearing this Shonai is furious and has a row with his master. Simultaneously, it has widened a door for Bangla film industry. But as the authority is very careful about these issues so they might not be able to pirate the movie instantly. Any movie released in theaters will be pirated within a couple of days. We asked the question to the makers of Monpura.

Monpura 2 full movie

It seems that the wait for the release of a movie of our soil has come to an end. Those who have watched this movie also told me the same.

Cast and Crew of Monpura

And there is almost nothing the distributor can do in fair way to protect his movie. But as it is said, the proprietor has nothing to do in fair way against those malicious efforts which have spread like a cancer in this industry. It was thought that the music from Monpura was collected from Bangladeshi folk music, but almost all are original songs. Chanchal acting was awesome in this movie.

Before watching Monpura, i didn't expect a lot from it. You know, the best thing about gias uddin selim is that he gives the performer enough space to free his arms.

But is it a fair competition in this case? And Monpura is a totally commercial movie. Hope, you'll enjoy watching it.