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Without other plumbing, however, most residents must still haul water for flushing and handwashing from taps in the street. In northern India the neem tree is known as the curer of all ailments and a manifestation of the Hindu goddess Shitala, a mother figure. Photograph by Jim Richardson, National Geographic. Sean Wilcox and Christopher Clark.

Within this limestone wall lies a winding underworld. Log In Don't have an account? Photograph by Muhammed Muheisen, National Geographic. Photograph by Brian Skerry, National Geographic.

He was killed in what appears to be a drug-related execution, according to police reports. Photograph by Kitra Cahana, National Geographic. Each season the state sets a hunt quota, a number determined in part by how many livestock lions killed the year before.

The Zetas hold on the state of Coahuila has been weakened, and nightlife has returned to Allende. Photograph by Evgenia Arbugaeva, National Geographic. And then I shot a whole sequence of him making a left turn from here, landing in his nest and sharing his catch with his mate sitting in the nest.

50 Beautiful Nature Photography examples from famous photographers

Victor Ortega-Jimenez and Robert Dudley. Consummate predators, some small wildcats can take down larger prey. Aarti, nine, is vulnerable to sexual violence as she sells flowers alone on a rain-swept Delhi street. Photography by Lynn Johnson, National Geographic. Ecotourism in Baja brings hundreds of millions of dollars to Mexico.

Please enter email address We will not spam you. Technology now has arrived in isolated regions of Africa primarily in the form of relatively inexpensive cell phones. Peschak, National Geographic.

Continue with Facebook Continue with Google or. The mother was just trying to have a quiet stroll but the cubs were not having any of that.

Email Send Have an account? Adults oversee the bouts to contain the violence. Now he relishes skateboarding shirtless in his Michigan neighborhood.

Blue Ghost fireflies are unique because they stay lit and only hover about a foot off the ground. Photograph by Dan Winters, National Geographic. Hundreds of people gathered last fall for the cabalgata, a festive cowboy parade that goes on for two to three days, stops at several ranches across the area, and ends with an evening rodeo. Photograph by Anand Varma, National Geographic.

In studying these intriguing monkeys, known locally as yaki, scientists are learning how their social structure illuminates human behavior. Smoke from smoldering grass disorients the bees, possibly reducing the number of stings Mauli will suffer. Photograph by Andrea Bruce, National Geographic. This was the male cub and he just was so entertaining to watch.

Bored Panda works best if you switch to our Android app. The brownish patches above them are microalgae that cling to the sea ice and start to photosynthesize in spring. Bare-knuckled and poised to punch, boys from the Venda tribe in Tshifudi, South Africa, chamakte chand ko ghulam ali engage in the boxing tradition known as musangwe.

At a Hindu temple near their home in Delhi, India, three generations of a family with albinism pose for a rare family portrait. Then, suddenly, wind blows a ripped awning, or birds fly overhead. You can read more about it and change your preferences here. Before he grabs the support rope beside him, a misstep could be fatal.

Nature Photography

Mark Landis, who says he was a failure as a commercial artist, spent nearly three decades imitating the works of famous painters, including this one in the style of folk artist William Matthew Prior. Do the male birds that perform the most acrobatic dives to impress females also possess the ability to fly the fastest? Photograph by David Guttenfelder, National Geographic. Photograph by Cory Richards, National Geographic. Photograph by Stephanie Sinclair, National Geographic.

The best photographs ever taken without photoshop

Photograph by Meridith Kohut, National Geographic. Photograph by Robbie Shone, National Geographic. Soon after South Korea made super-high-speed Internet cheap and widely available, it became clear that some people were ruining their lives through obsessive game playing. Getting enough calories from grass, herbs, and seeds takes a lot of work, so geladas spend most of their days scooting around on their buttocks. Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app.

The tree is dressed in cloth and wears a face mask of the goddess to strengthen the connection between her and worshippers. Geladas huddle for warmth. Emperor penguins head for the open ocean in search of food. Miles of lupine and blue skies. Hippos, abundant in the delta and in the rivers that feed it, graze by night on land and rest by day in water.

Fireflies dart in the forest at Santa Clara Sanctuary. Photograph by Renan Ozturk, National Geographic. Photograph by Amy Toensing, National Geographic. In a long dispute with Egyptian Copts, Ethiopian monks have occupied a rooftop monastery for more than years to press their claim to a portion of the church. In Seoul, e-stadiums and gaming parlors charge about a dollar an hour, and some venues are open around the clock.

Nature Photography

Photograph by Lynn Johnson, National Geographic. So far, eight missions have explored Dark Star. Photograph by Pete Muller, National Geographic.

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The 100 best photographs ever taken without photoshop46 Unbelievably Gorgeous Nature Photos to Get You Outside50 Beautiful Nature Photography examples from famous photographers

Photograph by Ronan Donovan, National Geographic. Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app!

50 Beautiful Nature Photography examples from famous photographers

Photograph by Brian Finke, National Geographic. Photograph by Kirsten Luce, National Geographic. This frees up their hands to pluck more grass. Its a rare photo opportunity to get such a clear and symetrical shot of these beautiful birds in flight in the middle of the desert. Two brothers and their brides wait to be married in a lavish ceremony at a wedding hall in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

The best photographs ever taken without photoshop