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One of the tools lets you convert units. Select any of these and select units from Convert From and Convert To list of units. Features converts area, data, weight, length, speed, temperature, time and volume units. Enter value to get the converted result.

Select desired unit type from the list of unit types, the choose input and output units. These kinds of apps are a must for the students and might even help the teachers.

Converber is also available in a portable version. Unbelievable that it's free.

Enter the value to get the result. Select the input unit and the output unit, enter a value which you want to convert, and get the result instantly. Unit Conversion Professional's dialog-style interface opens with its menu page, which offers two scrolling lists, View Formulas and Convert Units.

41 Best Free Unit Converter Software For Windows


Report this app to Microsoft. You can view the updated exchange rates for as many as countries. Clicking on any of the category opens a new window.

Publisher Info Best Unit Converter support. All of these unit conversion freeware are absolutely free to use, so go ahead, take a look at the list and choose what is best for you. Best Unit Converter converts area, data, weight, length, speed, temperature, bangla film song mp3 time and volume units.

Under each category, you will find unit conversion options in the form on From and To. Use it to convert units of various measurement quantities.

It's a basic calculator, not a scientific tool. Do you need to convert meters to feet often? This does instant conversions, nice. You can upgrade to the pro version of the app to track more currencies.

It lets you edit existing templates, add your own and even download the ones that look perfect for your specific tasks. The first one is Convert From and the other one is Convert To. Select from various unit types, enter from and to units, enter value to convert, and get the result. Internet connection required.

Best Unit Converter iPhone Apps Convert Everything at a GlanceConvert Units App on the App Store

Rates are updated minute wise, and it even provides the rates for precious metals. Flaming or offending other users. This tool provides convenience for students, scientists, chemists, and engineers.

Oh yes, the app comes with a smart tip calculator as well. Every download uses very small amount of data. It also includes a calculator and a library of scientific formulas.

Click on the Conversions option to access unit conversion parameters. Enter value in the Input field to obtain the converted output in desired unit. All these categories can be accessed via tabs.

Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! Nautical miles, kilometer, and statute miles.

Click on the Units tab to access the unit conversion options. Basic, Mechanical, thermal, optical, and Electrical. It will do anything you ask of it. Very simple, easy and fast to use.

Once you select a category, you can select the Input and Output units. If you hardly use any units or categories, you have the option to turn them off.

Updating to conversions based on user feedback, minor changes and bug fixes. Units according to the chosen category are displayed in two lists. Converts dozens of measurements and types and does so easily for those of us with no mathematical abilities whatsoever. Feet, flight level, angle, meter, and hectometer.

It converts as you type and you can choose to show either common units or all units. Converted values for all units in the selected category is also displayed on the right side of the interface. ConvertAll is a handy, free unit conversion program for Windows and Linux that allows you to combine the units any way you want. Converber converts everything from length and force to flow and temperature, as well as a currency converter with rates that are updated daily. It also has a built-in currency converter that keeps updating the currency rates automatically, each day to help you stay updated with ease.