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This causes the buff prompt to appear, but you may need to be even closer to perform the buff. Summary Most Helpful Recent Funny. There are several appearance combinations that a character can have. Finally something has come to fit the bill.

Now, a war has begun between the Resistance and Ark Security. Chicken Meat Supplier Buys Another Game Developer The chicken business is volatile, so this Chinese poultry company is stepping into the video game market. Maps are driven by objectives instead of kills and each person is vital in some way to the success of the team. Definitely a great buy for me.

Teen Blood, Language, Violence. An agent uses a weapon shield and a disguise to own on Founder's Tower map. Crammed with the original Ark founders, their descendants, as well as tens of thousands of refugees, the Ark exists in total isolation from the rest of the world.

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Soldier, Medic, Engineer, and Operative. Each player has an objective wheel in his inventory and will, on certain missions, be timed to achieve the goal that must be completed. If a player buys certain abilities for their character, then upon capture they can upgrade the command post an engineer's special ability or firewall it an operative's special ability. Brink allows you to seamlessly move between your single player campaign, co-op with friends, and intense multiplayer action. Excluding Off-topic Review Activity.

Style of graphics is very interesting and I enjoy it. And that doesn't mean it's full of technical problems. Brink's solution is to have you magnetically follow your teammate until you are close enough, but if your target is actively moving, your catch-up motion can become stuttery and disorienting.

If you play with good, understanding team against similar team there a lot of fun. This could have been a great game, it could've been a hit and it could've given shooter fans a reason to return to a genre that has lost much of its originality over the last handful of years. You quickly become familiar with each locale and the sequence of objectives that each match rigidly follows, which does not bode well for long-term replayability. However, if playing for the Resistance, the goal will be to procure a vaccine from the greedy Founders and Security so that it can distributed fairly among all of the Ark's inhabitants.

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Maybe now that they are getting paid they can finish the game. Off-topic Review Activity. You can play both sides of the campaign no matter which faction you choose, and your loadout, abilities, and stats are persistent regardless of which side you are fighting for.

Greatness is rarely achieved without ambition. It is established as an environmentally and economically self-sustainable island, a contemporary model for green, sustainable living.

Such choke points aren't terribly frequent, but you regularly encounter them because there are only eight maps for competitive play. After choosing from an all-male gallery of quasi-realistic faces, you don either the trim, tough look of the Security forces, or the grimy, ragtag look of the Resistance. You can do this on the fly at a command post, and though you always have access to a post within your spawn area, capturing command posts out in the wild can grant your team helpful bonuses. Simply not worth playing strictly for the single player.

Gifting on Steam The Steam Community. Many refugees live in tight spaces made from rusty shipping containers and live in poverty. An Objective Wheel shows the main objective in yellow and will show a checkpoint which the player will need to go to to achieve that primary objective. Brink's class system is more successful, offering a variety of ways to contribute to the fight. The only other gameplay mode in Brink offers four challenges for you to complete in return for new weapons and attachments to add to your already substantial arsenal.

Brink might find a niche with some hardcore fans, but it isn't for everyone. As a citizen of the Ark, will you fight to impose order on the floating city that may be humanity's last refuge in the wake of global disaster?


The Squad Commander system gives players context-sensitive objectives. That Game has a I am fan of Enemy territory - it is my favourite game so i've waited on Brink and - to be honest Brink didn't disapoint me. You must also create a character using Brink's stylish customization suite. Artificial intelligence is one of Brink's weakest points. This defaults to your Review Score Setting.

Soldier abilities focus on doing more damage with grenades and keeping teammates supplied with ammunition. The Resistance is led by Brother Chen, a name that the Resistance affectionately uses for him.

What is great about Brink is What can I say, I love this game. What you have here is a team based game. Slide into an enemy, and you knock him on his back, resulting in a close-quarters firefight that is a neat hybrid of melee combat and gunplay.

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On the brink of greatness, Brink employs objective-based matches to churn out a dull, frustrating time. Add in fast movements and actual gunfights that don't end from a single bullet and you start to see what Brink offers. For other uses, google chrome 23 see Brink.

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Every character begins with a medium body and soon unlocks heavy and light types. It's a dramatic choice, but ultimately it's a meaningless one. Now, the Ark exists in total isolation and has lost contact with the outside world. Which side will you choose? The Resistance's goal in Brink is to protect refugees from Security forces, distribute Ark's resources to those in need, and to establish contact with the outside world.

This makes them well suited to defending key areas or clearing out rooms, but you sometimes have to take the long way around to find a staircase. The primary objectives are essential to completing the mission. What can I say, I love this game. Each team will have a central command post where reinforcements will start.


Chris Watters Chris enjoys aiming down virtual sights, traipsing through fantastical lands, and striving to be grossly incandescent. All characters can sprint, slide, and jump with varying proficiency, and this mobility helps make combat more lively.

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Those who work for the Ark Security get an extra water ration. Captain Mokoena believes that the rest of the world is in worse shape than the Ark, and that it is too dangerous to establish contact with the outside world.

The bugs are pretty much fixed now. There is definitely some fun to be had in these frenetic firefights, but Brink falls well short of greatness. Expanding and tweaking your loadout can be very satisfying, but unfortunately, the same can not always be said for Brink. Jumping into the battlefields of Brink, you get the immediate sense that you are playing an ambitious first-person shooter.