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Railroad apartments with no bathrooms, a place with blood still on the walls. Abbi is the more level-headed of the two friends, but can lose her head when intoxicated or participating in competition. For the majority of the series, he was oblivious to Abbi's desire to be a trainer and badgered her to clean things around the gym.

Abbi has a huge crush on her neighbor Jeremy, but manages to embarrass herself every time she is around him. He is a funny, easygoing guy and often plays games and tells jokes with his patients. Ilana has to bail on the rest of the apartment hunt so she can try to find the missing remote control that the cable company keeps charging her for, often causing her bank account to overdraft. Abbi eventually fires the broker and decides to try her luck on Craigslist. There is the terrible, oversharing broker Amy Sedaris!

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Brokers are liars, apartments are fifty times smaller than advertised, and strange roommates are at best disgusting human beings and at worst straight up murderers. The actor is Ilana's brother in real life.

For the majority of the series, Ilana works at a nondescript sales company called Deals Deals Deals, but rarely does any work and often takes breaks lasting hours. Abbi and Jeremy eventually have sex, but break up after she ruins his custom strap-on dildo and can't find a suitable replacement. He is a messy, lazy, obese freeloader who eats Abbi's food and lives in her apartment rent-free. He has romantic feelings for Ilana and wants to take their relationship further, but Ilana, who is afraid of commitment, cuenten algo yahoo dating wants to remain sex buddies.

Abbi endeavors to find a balance between being a responsible, self-sufficient adult while being fun-loving and free-spirited like Ilana. He is a genuinely nice guy and a hardcore health and fitness enthusiast. This time Dale, the roommate who may or may not have given Ilana herpes is an excellent creep and I love the body butter callback to Bevers. She is also a struggling illustrator who dreams of quitting Soulstice to pursue art full-time.

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He is also a loyal friend to Abbi.

He is oblivious to Abbi's disdain for him and considers them to be best friends. In spite of this, he has been shown to have a sweet, sensitive side. Compared to her best friend Abbi, she is more free-spirited, sexually liberated and much more bold and confident.

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Moving is one of the most frustrating and draining life experiences that we go through. She is disdained by her coworkers because of her lazy attitude, but her passive boss Todd keeps her employed due to his submissiveness. Ilana sets him straight and gets the remote back. After that they will check in with each other to see if they wish to continue the relationship.

Broad City continues to kill it with the side characters. She is an extraverted slacker and marijuana enthusiast who is often oblivious to how others react to her self-absorbed antics.