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Ten free tools to better organize your desktop icons

Add icons to the toolbox, and place the box freely anywhere on the desktop you like. Double click the desktop to hide or show icons.

This is another free tool with lots of skins, icons, and docklets. Navigating the settings is quite cumbersome, at least at first.

There are also templates for organizing your budget, health records, music and even your property. Stick organizes your desktop with a fresh technique that utilizes the tab concept. Swipe between multiple pages of fences. Have fun on exploring it, and you will discover that a feature-rich sidebar is all you need to keep your desktop organized! The program is password-protected and can also manage all of your passwords for other websites.

Happy organizing and customizing! During testing, we were able to import information from Google with ease using the programs that have this feature. Notes, Navigator, and Task Bar Tab. With the trade you will get a full-fledged context menu with a right click, and it will be your best companion, since the menu allows you to access to possibly anywhere in your Windows.

14 Best Free Software To Organize Desktop Icons

You can add n number of folders to this software, that you visit frequently. Cleaner interface with appealing look is what we the Windows users ultimately seek for, right? But sometimes, cluttered desktop just overwhelms you and eventually brings you the doom when you try searching files.

Organizer Pro is an affordable organizer packed with all kinds of organization tools and management options. We found the planner software easy to install and use. You can change the viewing angle of your desktop to any angle manually. Define rules for how your icons are arranged on your desktop and Fences will automatically sort new icons into the fences you have chosen based on your rules. Also note that Fences, if you are using it, does this by double clicking on the desktop.

Icon organizers, or icon docks can be found easily. Keep your desktop clean and managed with the help of this free desktop icon organizer. The above picture only displays one of the many skins, and an Icon organizer. The best organization software has an intuitive interface, a variety of tools and features and extensive customization options. If you struggle to remember appointments, birthdays, due dates and other events, organization software is a godsend.

Ten free tools to better organize your desktop icons

Its many customization features are what make Fences the world's most popular Windows desktop enhancement. This feature provides greater control over how you can organize favorite programs, documents, websites and more. The act will not only burdens your Windows, but also making it crash easier since certain software might clash with others.

Access defined folders directly from this awesome software to organize desktop icons. This could save a lot of desktop space since you could just place the folders you want to access into the menu. Create multiple pages of fences on your desktop and quickly swipe between them. Tiles allows you to quickly view and manage your applications by simply looking at the edge of your screen, but it has more than it promotes. Double-click again and they will return.

Control Automatic desktop organization Define rules for how your icons are arranged on your desktop and Fences will automatically sort new icons into the fences you have chosen based on your rules. Looking for more tools to gear up your Windows? Applications, Internet, Games, and Utilities. You can even pick icons and individual fences to exclude. Also do share with us your secret tips on organizing your Windows desktop!

Stardock Fences

Nimi places is alight software, which is very easy to operate, while Rainmeter is a highly customizable desktop icon organizer, which can create magin on your desktop with its capabilities. If your icons are crowding out a single desktop, why not use many? The built in notification system is great for reminding you about any upcoming event so you never miss that important meeting. Roll up fences for lesser used icons for a cleaner desktop.

Most alerts are sent through your computer, so if you are not nearby when an alert is sent, you will miss it. This is light, but very useful application to organize your desktop icons. Simply add a Tab with desktop icons, and hide the original icons on the desktop. Double-click any blank space on your desktop and your icons will fade out.

Can display different wallpapers at intervals. Match your background color or recolor specific fences.

No, it makes copies of them. The score also factors in the presence of features that make the above tasks easy to complete.

You can also customize this app to add a direct shortcut to programs, files, or folders. Desktop Pages Create multiple pages of fences on your desktop and quickly swipe between them. MyFolders is the software to do it!

The one major downside of these programs is that, in most cases, they can only be accessed and managed on your computer. Almost all settings are available in the My Computer icon, ing of antivirus software and all applications can be directly accessed from here.

This is basically a dock, which includes all the major tools, folders, programs, etc. While the address book and notes tools were included in our score, the differences between these two tools are minimal from one application to the next.

This helped us consider organizer software from the perspective of many types of users, ensuring our product recommendations appeal to a variety of personalities and technological experience levels. These tabs expand as customizable windows, where all your desktop icons are displayed. Home News Best of blog Ten free tools to better organize your desktop icons.

You can set up recurring events, like anniversaries, and other important dates, such as meetings, appointments and bill due dates. No drag and drop support for items from one container to another or the desktop, although strangely enough copying and pasting works, which can provide a solution of sorts.

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With software for homework and time tracking as well as general task management, organization help is readily available. Likewise, not many of the organization programs alert you to events with conflicting times. If you want to audit how efficiently and effectively you spend your time, use a time-tracking program like Freckle to log everything you do during a certain period of time. To test these lists, we tracked tasks and evaluated how the programs alerted us to each task. This desktop icon organizer keeps your desktop clean, and you can also create boxes for different file formats, and purposes.

Download Fences Software from Stardock

Download Fences Software from Stardock