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Chattambinadu Mammootty Theme. Crazy Gopalan-Title Music.

Detective Suresh Gopi Theme. Unnikale Oru Kadha Parayam Insrtrumental. He finds a piece of paper with some musical notations from an old book.

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His name was Maheshwar Vineeth Kumar. Sathyameva Jayathe Villan.

He sees nobody but the instrument playing by itself. Vishal arrives at the college.

Anjali Pushpanjali Theme Music. It was an invitation to work as the director for a musical play with the present students of the college. She now realizes that Vishal was innocent of the accusation for which he was expelled from college.

He feels that it was written by Maheshwar. By intuition, he concludes that Maheswar was blind. Chandranudikkunna Dikkil Flute -Ambadi.

Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. Then after six years, Maheshwar left promising that he would return, but never came back. Krishnamoorthy returns to college to unravel the mystery of the Seven Bells, that plays by itself at night. Bhargavacharitham Title Theme.

But Angelina had him expelled from the college. Body Guard Climax Theme Music. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. At first, Vishal refuses to accept the invitation because of his hatred towards the college, but later decides to go.

Vishal feels something mysterious about Alberto. The soundtrack was released by the music label Satyam Audios. He immediately rushes there to see who is playing it. Years ago, Vishal was expelled from the college by Madam Angelina Ignatius Jayaprada who runs the institution in memory of her late father, William Ignatius Kitty. Airtel Ringtone BlackBery.

He goes to Angelina and shows the music to her. Hearing the music, Angelina also gets there and sees Vishal sitting in front of the Bells. Years after, he receives an invitation letter from his old college principal Janardhanan to direct a musical play in the college.

Ad Alukkas-Penne Ninne Sundari. Aleena now understands and she goes to the library hall where the skeleton is kept.

The skeleton in the library is Maheshwar's. At the end, they find Aleena dead and two doves are seen outside, flying away. Ad Edelweiss Super RingTone. Bhramaram Annarakkanna Ringtone.

Sathyam Prithviraj Theme Music. Vishal finds out from Alberto that Maheswar was buried alive by him and Aleena's father William, right after which Alberto dies. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. He follows it and finds that it is coming from the chapel where the Seven Bells is kept.

The cinematography was done by Santosh Thundiyil and features a soundtrack and film score composed by Vidyasagar. Superman Jayaram Theme Music.

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Devadoothan Title Theme Music. Devadoothan Theatrical release poster. The Truth Mammootty Theme Music. Aleena's admiration of Maheshwar's music turned to love, azhalinte azhangalil karaoke mp3 to her father's protest.

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He tells Vishal that her actual name is Aleena. Chandrolsavam Theme Music Lal.