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Check out what he had to say after the jump. For you, why is Superman still relevant, after all these years? Not Geffen's type - at all.

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That's why she controls the press and is so private. You'll find nothing about her from insiders because she's pretty clean for Hollywood standards. But, what I realized is that you still really have to use every part of yourself, and be even more expressive with your voice. Love naturally came afterwards But I love Simon, there's something really sexy about him even though I can't really make out what it it is.

So now that you finally gotten to play Superman, is there any other character that you would like to play? So, when he was Batman, I was Robin. In some ways, yeah, especially in the fight scenes.

Do you keep up with all the comic books now? The creative team behind it is fantastic.

And then, the first film version, obviously, was the first Christopher Reeve film. When he was Superman, I was Superboy. You think I wouldn't let that cutey fuck me in the ass? They got a couple good laughs at me, in the sound booth, but I wanted to bring my best to it.

He represents what we all hope we could be, in the most difficult circumstances. He represents our best self and the best version of us. How did you wrap your head around this role? But, the more challenging part is that all you have to convey character and emotion is your voice.

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But, you can become so busy with that, that it distracts you from the story at hand. So, it was very challenging in terms of that, and I wanted to take it very seriously because I knew that this was a character that people had so many preconceived notions about. So, I tried to keep up some of the consistencies of the characters that are maintained throughout every incarnation of the story, and then just deal with the script that we were given. But here, all you have is your voice. When was the first time in your life that you imagined yourself as Superman?

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Frankly if he was a gold digger he failed miserably. There friendship is no secret in the industry, but I doubt it will ever be made public, well at least until Castle ends. And I got really into it, in the fight scenes. All you have is your voice.

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Did you find that being physical helped affect your voice? You took the words right out of my mouth. The character is so iconic to everyone, and not just guys. And then, I followed it through that whole franchise. Why should he have all the fun!

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But, my mom made me a homemade cape, and I wore that thing out for two years. What did you want to carry over from other interpretations, and how did you want to make it your own thing? If you had to talk to your fans of your on-camera work, who have never seen an animated feature, what would you say to them to convince them to give this a shot? The story is about a destructive force that is devastating planets across the galaxy, with Earth next in its sights, and even Superman may not be capable of halting the destruction alone. Well, I think anybody who likes Superman will love the story.

Even more beautiful in real life. Yes, is the short answer to that, and the truthful answer. She has a small circle of friends, mostly Europeans. There were times when I had to give more than usual, and there were times where I had to give less. He has one superstar client, Jude Law.

And some of them would actually be in the position to give Matt work, which is something Simon can't really do. And Matt is now a public figure I. He just said it was a just matter of fact, pinoy tambayan movies she's dating the gangster characters no big news to anyone in the business.

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My mom made me a homemade cape for Halloween, one year. And then, we went back and changed lines and fine-tuned things.

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Shouldn't really shock or surprise anyone. So, I tried to balance the heavier, more mature version of him with a lighter, fun, more charming sense of playfulness with Lois, in our scenes. The good part of it is that you get to show up to work in your pajamas, if you want, and a lot of this more external aspects of filmmaking, you get to toss by the wayside. We recorded it first, and then they animated it.

So, it was interesting to see. It's a classy, low-key roster.

Who is Matt Bomer dating? Matt Bomer boyfriend, husband