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The only problem is I can't see the text, despite playing around with the colour of the text. This blank space is where I would like to add the text. Very straightforward tutorial. When I put the text on there and add an animation to the text, it always goes to a different screen and won't show with the original background. Someone has given me a image which has a web address at the bottom but I can't quite make out the web address as it is a bit blurry.

In Photoshop, I would probably just create a new image of the length of the strip and then fill with the color I need and then copy and paste onto the image. Repeat this for the middle layer. The plugin files appear to be correct, and I'm placing them in proper directory.

Is there anyway to get the animated text to work on a still background? As all of your tutorials are, this was super helpful. The author and other users will see your posting and can reply to it. Basically it shows a price and acreage size for each lot you rollover.


Circular Text Within Image? That was a great straight forward tutorial, thank you so much. Click Layer, Transparency, Colour to Alpha, ok.

The top circle of the g would be red whereas the bottom circle or hook depending on the font would be purple since it dips that far down. On top of the strip I want to add text. This is what I came up with. An example of what I am trying to do is shown in the example photo attached.

Use the Smudge-Tool to do so and choose the values that are shown on the picture. Eye Candy installs fine and works once but then is fails saying my license is not valid.

Cant simply change the color of text as its a curved edge its going over. Now, that we have all one one single layer, we create our flames.

DavidWoodFX Realistic Flaming Text Tutorial

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Create a new File of any size. Hopefully, you can explain this tutorial better. So the text with the background inside the letters, will be superimposed on new image. Also, suppose that there is already a word written in the wall, is it possible to replace that word with some other word, in a way that people will not guess it is made by a software.

All the dialog boxes are in, I'm guessing, Danish! Of course, you can also ask in the chat. So I click in the text-tool. This is an excellent tutorial.

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Linux is a trademark of Linus Torvalds. Currently, the photos are there and you will see the blank space next to the images.

GIMP How To Add Flaming Text To Image

All I want is a single line of common text characters. Move the duplicate between the original and the white layers. Dissolve text into particles. Move this layer to the bottom. Now select the bottom layer.

Is there a tutorial on putting text onto an image and making the text glow like a light saber? Nothing fancy, no text jumping out of a cornucopia or being carried by a dirigible, pop and drop game no clowns or frogs. If it's possible to use Gimp to add text to the side of an image and not actually on the image?

Subscription management Please log in to manage your subscriptions. That was a great tutorial but have you left any step in between because it is still in grey scale after color balancing. Click reopen to open the application again. Doesn't matter if engraved letters have picture or colour used in them.


For each image, there is specific text that goes with the image just a simple quote. Simply sharpening the image does make the words any clearer.

Don't know much about photo shopping or manipulating images, but hope to learn more, since I already have one Etsy shop selling beauty products and am planning on opening another selling miniatures. It's in Irish and has a fada on top of one letter. You should only have one single layer now.

Is this possible with gimp? Oh, and Kylee, Colors is its own menu now. If I type other random letters, the editor disappears. How to use any photo editing software so my knowledge and skillset are limited. It should look real so it must not be perfect.

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Also, edit the color if you don't like it using curves or value. The company logo is two words. Hold down your left mouse button and smear around the border of this single letter to make it somehow gray as seen in the picture.

Yeah, that worked really well. Make sure to merge the layers.