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Editor's Pick brings you the most elegant farmer clothes in this game! These latest fashion shoes are amazing! Mmmmm can you smell the sweet scent of coffee?

GirlGames has Teen games and Fashion games for our gamers with a sense for style. We didn't name our site after our perfect collection of Arcade Classics or Skate Boarding games, the king of fighters 2000 although we have those too!

Make sure this one looks great! Suit up in some darkly colorful out fits covered in skull prints, hearts and more! Buy upgrades for your restaurant and reach the daily goals!

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You do need something that's comfortable though, just like this girl which is about to go and climb a mountain! Check out this fun slumber party filled with great friends, pillow fights, and makeovers all night! As it's National Strawberry Picking Day, so it means that we're gonna eat lots of fresh and delicious strawberries ladies! Style them in some smart summer fashions that are both alluring and pragmatic.

Get her ready for the big day! The best in mall make up is yours to discover with this startling beauty and her own personal cosmetician.

Choose your doll, compete against your friends and serve them up something nice! The romance of Paris comes alive in this night time kissing and dating adventure! Making waves, setting trends, cracking the style whip.

Take advantage of all the potential it has and combine its winning elements. Everywhere in the city will be full of things orange colored as Amsterdammers dressed in the exact same color of House of Orange! Hot new RnB, hip hop sensation, Willow Smith is here to drop beats and spit hot fire! Baby Elsa Butterfly Face Art. Come closer, bring your bff and keep yourselves cool all summer!

Have your very own pet, dress them up, decorate their house and watch them as they live and learn! So our editor, Alice also got tired and needs a break! Help your favorite Disney queen look amazing for her magical wedding in this fairy-tale new game called?

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Help her upcycle them into fabulous new dresses for prom! Dress up this trio of sunbathing beauties for some South American fun in the sun! You have to play with the baby, feed her, bathe her and much more. Now you can really make Barbie a new hairstyle!

Welcome to Games for Girls, the internet's biggest and best collection for free online girl games! You can see Hula girls serving fruits and dancing in every beach around Hawaii. Get ready for girls day out! So, if you wanna enjoy this event of the year, don't forget your orange t-shirts, girls! Matching gowns, cute veils and colorful floral everything for everyone to dressup with and have fun with!

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Create a look that'll dazzle the eyes and shock the world. Rileys Inside Out Emotions. The princesses are joining the Olympic championship in Princess Gymnastic Olympics, but they can't decide on a costume!

Of course she can't give up on shopping and observing the new street styles. Decorate your room so that it is charming. Spicy, cheesy and covered in hot pepperoni!

Dress up and take advantage of every shopper's dream day! Double the dress up means double the fun! Well, our beautiful editor Alice takes us to this year's Australia Fashion Week! That means there's only so many hours left in the day to kiss your wonderful boyfriend!

Turn this wedding into a party proper with Bella and her beautiful bridesmaids! So are you ready to spend three-day festival full of every kind of music and art? They've been best friends forever, and they love being together whether it's hanging out at the circus or shopping for the latest fashions! Dance all night and have the time of your life in a never ending party adventure in this fun duo doll dressup. Next, it's time for make up!