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The film has inspired a musical stage version, Ghost the Musical. Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker. Theatrical release poster. Goldberg was highly praised for her performance.

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Agent must go undercover in the Miss United States beauty pageant to prevent a group from bombing the event. When Molly returns, Sam scares their cat into attacking the thug, who flees. Goldberg has found a film role that really suits her, and she makes the most of it. To allay Molly's skepticism, Oda Mae relays information that only Sam could know.

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Carl and Willie go to Oda Mae's place but Sam warns her and her sisters to take shelter. Molly remains distraught in the days after Sam's death, as Sam remains close to her.

It assumes that even after death we devote most of our attention to unfinished business here on Earth, and that danger to a loved one is more important to a ghost than the infinity it now inhabits. The music for Ghost was written by veteran composer Maurice Jarre. Goofs Though he's supposed to be a ghost, nursery rhymes 3gp video songs Sam casts shadows throughout the film. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video.

The film features about special effects shots. Ghost Theatrical release poster. Moments later, the mugger enters the apartment in search of something. An unofficial remake of the film was made in Telugu language by name Aatma Bandham. One afternoon, Sam confides in Carl his discovery of unusually high balances in obscure bank accounts.

She then goes to the police, who have no file for Willie but they show her Oda Mae's lengthy one as a forger and con artist. Sam asks if the women are all right. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

This is one of those rare occasions on which the uncategorizable Ms. Shadowy creatures emerge from the darkness to drag Willie's ghost down to Hell. When a woman's long-time friend reveals he's engaged, she realizes she loves him herself and sets out to get him, with only days before the wedding.

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When he learns of Carl's betrayal, Sam must seek the help of psychic Oda Mae Brown to set things right and protect Molly from Carl and his goons. That song appears in both instrumental form and in the recording by the Righteous Brothers. Film in the United States portal s portal.

Molly later gives Willie's address to Carl, who volunteers to investigate. Best Actress in a Supporting Role. Carl goes to Molly, who reveals she spotted Oda Mae closing an account at the bank. Sam follows the mugger to his Brooklyn apartment and learns that the man, Willie Lopez, was sent by an unknown party.

Audible Download Audio Books. As Carl desperately searches for the money, Sam reveals his presence by typing his name on the computer keyboard. Miraculously, Molly can now hear him.

The scene where Oda Mae closes the bank account under the name Rita Miller is both featured and parodied in the comedy film Madea's Witness Protection. Was this review helpful to you? Carl tries to escape through a window and tosses a suspended hook at Sam, but the hook swings back, shatters the window and it slides down, fatally impaling Carl with a glass shard. Oda Mae allows Sam to possess her body so he and Molly can share a slow dance.

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An unemployed single mother becomes a legal assistant and almost single-handedly brings down a California power company accused of polluting a city's water supply. Saturn Award for Best Fantasy Film. However, in the other version, Molly comes down to the street and meets Oda Mae, and at the next scene they are discussing about Sam at a coffee place. The women escape onto the fire escape, to a loft under construction, but Carl catches Oda Mae and holds her at gunpoint, demanding the check. Agent goes undercover to catch a gang of surfers who may be bank robbers.

Crazy Credits The opening credits are half transparent like a ghost. Goldberg plays the character's amazement, irritation and great gift for back talk to the hilt. Good girl Sandy and greaser Danny fell in love over the summer. When Willie arrives, Sam tosses objects at him, causing him to flee into the street in a fit of panic before being struck and killed by an oncoming car. The shadowy creatures return to claim Carl's ghost for Hell.

You can help by adding to it. Sam disarms Carl and attacks him again. Whoopi Goldberg won a Supporting Oscar as a fake medium and Tony Goldwyn is uncanny as a slimeball ex-friend his sniveling is so convincing it may have cost him real-life celebrity. Elevator Man Christopher J. Meanwhile, Sam follows Carl and is devastated to learn he and Willie are working together.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sam persuades her to warn Molly that she is in danger. This section needs additional citations for verification.

Paramount Pictures Howard W. Can you send this to the third-floor file? That night, Sam and Molly are attacked by a mugger who shoots and kills Sam in a scuffle before stealing his wallet. Learn more More Like This. Realizing that it is time for him to go with his task now completed, he and Molly share a tearful goodbye and one final kiss, finally have a proper closure between them.

However, when Sam is murdered by friend and corrupt business partner Carl Bruner over a shady business deal, he is left to roam the Earth as a powerless spirit. This section needs expansion. Carl breaks into the apartment but Sam is too exhausted from the possession to fight Carl.