Hard Truck 2

The delivery system might seem simple enough, but this impression rapidly melts away when you factor in your hostile competitors and the highly aggressive police force. No articles were found matching the criteria specified. As the game goes on, a successful driver can upgrade the truck or change it to another one, and then is able to buy another and another, etc.

American Long Haul Racing. The police give chase for only a limited time period, after which they simply give up and dispatch a machine gun helicopter to attempt to slow the player down. There are four new zones and a whole new storyline.

Hard truck 2

Similar to the original, but more of an emphasis on delivery of goods. We suggest you try the article list with no filter applied, to browse all available.

The cargo is delivered by trucks. The scene is laid out in modern times.

Hard Truck 2 King of the Road file

You can start a game and play without once releasing the wheel until you win or lose it could last a month. The guns vary from roof-mounted machine guns, shotguns, and mortars to laser and energy weapons. No files were found matching the criteria specified. Cause my internet connection is kinda slow and the last thing I want is a mb Virus or other malware!

The series currently has three released installments so far. You'll also have the option of trading the truck in for a better one. Each town has a depot that puts in orders for goods, as they are consumed by the townsfolk. Once they've demolished the player's truck, they write the player out a simple ticket. The place is somewhere close to a massive mountain.

Rather do it in the virtual world? Make sure you read the above link before downloading! The strategic goal of the game is to monopolize the delivery business.

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Hard Truck Apocalypse shares the same name, but is in actuality a standalone game. Engine Hard Truck Series Engine. The game reuses a lot of material from Hard Truck Apocalypse but most of the vehicles, weapons, and enemies are the same. Additionally, armchair truckers can use a barrage of controllers including joysticks, poetry books of wasi shah various racing wheels and racing pedals.

The player is one of the long-haul truckers who runs about the region looking for a gainful order and peddles wares from town to town. All in all, the streets are tough, and will rapidly bankrupt an unprepared truck driver. After choosing the desired vehicle, you should search for orders in various towns and bases. King of the Road Graphic Patch.

Trade runs between villages to make money can still be done but the main method for making money is to loot destroyed enemies of cargo and weapons. Mail will not be published required. Occasionally, you may also distract yourself by participating in out-and-out, set-course racing, provided you can arrive at the Circuit within a given amount of time.

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Besides transporting cargo and completing tasks you can engage in time trails, obstacle courses, and one on one track racing. Each town features a small materials depot, which you must visit in order to gather information on outstanding orders, as well as the types, destinations, weight and time limit for each. As a result, penalties and fines will be issued.

It takes place in an apocalyptic version of North America. With the money earned, you can purchase all kinds of items to enhance the performance of your vehicle including tires and engine tweaks.

Hard Truck is a series of trucking simulators and racing video games published in the United States by ValuSoft. Their patrol helicopters are particularly dangerous to the would-be criminal, as they hover at given locations in order to catch speeders and smugglers. We suggest you try the file list with no filter applied, to browse all available. To this end, you can track down and deliver trailers that have been left on the side of the road, provided your vehicle is equipped with the proper hook-up.

The profit depends on the shortage of the merchandize delivered, so the quickest player makes the most. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Press Ctrl - slturbine - Speed boost.

Police are added to the maps. Patch to solve graphic accelerator issues. It has not been released in western stores yet, but can be purchased and downloaded online at GamersGate.