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Releases from the dam have slowed to a crawl, and rightly so, as the Valley got a good soaking as well this week. Especially north of the Veleno on the river channel and in the deep holes. And when I say local, I mean rain that fell between Falcon dam and below the dam at Amistad. They had a nine man crew and they worked their asses off processing these fish.

There is also nothing wrong with a chatter bait or a swim jig. We sell the Super Jig soft plastic tubes.

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And while I am often praying for hurricanes, I am always praying for gentle ones, that leave people and places intact, but bring the much needed rains that we depend on. Seventy one has been the number reported by most folks. The valley has not received near as much rain as what has fallen above us, so they are still pulling water out of Falcon, albeit a bit less this morning than has been the norm as of late. How come baseball doesn't have cheerleaders?

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Was I continually trying to get laid? And what we have done to help the Euros over the years and the entire planet for that matter? But I ain't sure just yet. And some of it has made it into the Rio Grande.

We heard of deep and shallow fish over the weekend, and there is no doubt that a lot of fish have moved up with the water to the weed edges or very near. The last week saw few fishermen on the water, and those that did struggled to achieve anything that might be considered good fishing. Just like they always have done in the past.

But I just had a local game warden in the store and he had no knowledge of any robberies on the lake. And not any written today.

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But I do believe the fishing is improving as the lake has almost leveled off, and the breakdown of shore line weeds is wrapping up. Looks like we are off to another cool start to winter.

And there were a few groups from across the state here as well. And while I have been promised pictures of the big fish, which I have already seen, I have yet to receive a digital copy. But that ain't the only place there are biting fish.

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And a buddy and I caught them pretty darn good fishing the top third of the lake, as we did not go south of the Coyotes. And we were here till almost nine O'Clock last night finishing up. Have you even seen the volleyball girls shorts that they wear when they play?

According to most all reports, the fish in any numbers are in eight to twelve feet of water. And once you possess all this wisdom, people will seek out your advice. And a lot of the bites are verrrry subtle. My buddy was way back in the Salado yesterday, and he was run out of the creek by a few guys in a panga boat with guns, and they fired a few shots in the water, adjacent to their boat. His instruction was spot on, the fishing was wonderful and the overall trip was one that everyone should have an opportunity to experience.

Maybe I am wrong, but I just don't think that things will change in the relationship between men and women if we stick with the status quo. See you on the water I hope! The general consensus is that a lot of the newly inundated weeds and grass in the shallows are starting to break down, and fish that were right up in it have moved off the decaying cover a bit.