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The rest is increasingly zany stuff. Thomas Kretschmann as Flemming. Carter says he was disappointed that Amy stayed with Scott after Carter told her about Scott's infidelity. Then when the main character escapes and is running through the torture chamber, he finds all the victim's items in a room with the cell phones that are still on!

Chalk this one blood-curdling moment as a homage to Texas Chainsaw. All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Was it purely for betting purposes?

The other way, what they did, was to realize that everyone is waiting for you around the corner, every critic and fan in town, so you spring on us and take the p ss of the whole thing yourself. The rest of the movie lacked in plot and character development and did not make up for it with it's killing scenes. It starts out within the first ten minutes a whole hell of a lot of twists and turns and it keeps doing it until the very end. Roth is out, Spiegel is in. The plot centers around four men attending a bachelor party in Las Vegas.

If you like horror, don't miss this one. This installment is set in Las Vegas where it is Scotts bachelor party. They go to a Strip Club, where they meet the escorts Nikki Zulay Henao and Angela Jeanette Manderachia that invite the four friends to go to a private party in the outskirts of Las Vegas. It's too far away to city center. The change in direction is noticed heavily, and in the end I was disappointed and left wishing Eli Roth had never given up the reigns.

This section needs expansion. No hostel, no Europe, no gore, no acting. Your email address will solely be used for verifying the ticket. Yes, it is not as gory as the other two, but there is still a fair amount of blood and gore for it to be called Hostel. You can imagine a grimacing Bruce Campbell with the lawnmower whizzing above his head in the finale.

The acting is bland at best. The killing is not made by the members, they only watch while some creepy guy kills the victims. Unfortunately, he doesn't get nearly enough screen time. See all Specialty Lodging in Milan. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie.

Meanwhile, Nikki is brought into the same room as Mike and strapped to a table. Sooner they find that Nikki is also missing and they join to Angela to seek out the couple.

The character of Michael I was begging to be killed off the first minute I saw him the way he was talking about his family back home. While there, they are enticed by two prostitutes to join them at a private party way off the Strip.

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Did not expect it to be that bad. Kendra arrives and reveals that Nikki is missing as well. Maybe they were running out of money. It may not of been directed by Eli Roth, however do not let that distract you from what I found a great film. What is the song during the main event?

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This was the by far the best Hostel film so far and one of the best horror movies I've seen all year. First of all, this movie don't have anything in common with the previous two on the franchise, doesn't even have a hostel. The only way the original Hostel had any power, spirit of wandering full version is if you took the show serious enough to be offended. The second kill was weak in my opinion and it's the twists and turns in the movie's second half that kept me interested rather then the kills. There is better special effects on prime-time television commercials.

Which was a bad mistake in my opinion, they should has left it in Europe. The only difference with this movie compared to the last two is that Eli Roth did not direct this one. This, also, was a change that was noticed for all the wrong reasons. Don't expect the dark and gritty look that is required for this type of film, but instead look forward to distracting brightness and elegance.

From there it took a twist and it had me on the edge of my seat. Several of the scenes in Roth's films made you cringe and nearly even experience the pain. Were the Hunters paid to perform or were they paying to kill as in the first movies? Not quite as disturbing as the first two films, or as metaphorically fascinating, but full of clever twists and turns.

Centro Culturale Shaolin Milano. You can tell they were going for satire here meant to take the p ss of their own torture show but were really lazy and uninspired about it, after all the guy is only Sam Raimi's pal.

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He is taken to some remote yet high class facility that has state-of-the-art torture rooms equipped with classy looking tables and display walls filled with random torturing tools. Articles to be expanded from November All articles to be expanded Articles using small message boxes. Victor later wakes up in a cell in an abandoned building, and watches as two guards drag Anka out of her cell.

Meanwhile, Mike awakens in a cell of his own and starts freaking out. This was undeniably the worst movie out of three. Bursa, Turkey contributions helpful votes. This movie is more like a darker version of The Hangover. The characters in the third Hostel are even less likable than the ones in the first Hostel, with the result that we are not concerned about their personal safety.

They were humorous, likable, and perfect for this type of film. These fresh twists and turns are bittersweet, though, because it showcases the fact that the film could have been a big success had the necessary efforts been put into it. To be fairly honest, a Hostel movie will never be perfect, but they are getting there so be patient and for now enjoy the bloody gore. First of all, it doesn't take place in Slovakia - it's in Las Vegas. Learn more More Like This.

And finally, the acting spare one or two is the worst of the series. However, I found that this installment of the gory series was the best so far. The torture scenes are terrible.

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