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The plugin tries to detect which rule applies, and then tests the result. Make your changes outside the WordPress lines, otherwise they will be overwritten by WordPress. The plugin has an option which inserts the detected. Make sure your ftp program will show.

In some cases the test fails, or the. Add every codesnippet above the WordPress. Allowing both can confuse the search engines. Clear your cache and look, test the server headers to make sure you see a that means its permanent not a temporary unless you are absolutely sure you really mean temporary. This example is perfect if you've decided to switch to.

What codesnippet do I need to add? Be sure to check that your ftp client shows hidden files as well.

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Redirect individual files

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Make sure you triple check your changes. Final Notes I can't stress enough how important it is to test your server's response headers any time you make a change to your.

Important notes about htaccess redirection Always be sure to upload. Depending on this output, funny dating site fails funeral home you should add a corresponding redirect rule to your.

This is not a complete list by any means, but it took me ages to find how to do these so I'll save you the hassle and list them here. To prevent overwriting your manually added.

Make sure you replace example. Seriously, it really isn't advisable to use this anymore but if you don't have access to php or an. There are several server configurations, which each require their own.

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