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Is experience project a dating site, customer questions & answers

They are fair weather friends. This is unbelievable considering the amount of filth they allow. It is now full of pointless changes that do not serve any of the Users appropriately.

Is experience project a dating site

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That is just the stupidest thing I have heard. It just needs a bit of help is all, and it starts with the users. There's a lot of spam and scammers and false advertisements. So I went through read some of the stories and found my eyes being opened to my situation. This man was a total creep.

Is experience project a dating site

My experience on the Experience Project was ok until I expressed an actual opinion and got harassed for it. Asking me sexually explicit questions, asking me to look at their photos, asking me where I lived, etc. Unless you have every member in a group doing something. And started being harrassed, insulted, and threatened, by members I found out were from the site staff.

Experience Project Is the Worst Social Networking Website (Here s Proof)

He was on every online social media site known to man trolling for women. This site is nothing but perverts and people with severe mental health issues along with men out trolling on women. How they didn't delete that, I will never know. They ignore every message sent to them.

That's what they advertise. How old Written by feet again we offer lots of volt circuits. This man was very specific - he wanted to see a photo of my face.


He never once asked me anything explicit or sexual in nature and was respectful. But, I soon needed someone to talk to. Help answer if consensual, may work constitute good indication that would destroy me she will. This is not a site that cares about people but a scam used to make money off of the misery of it's members!

The Experience Project Is the Worst Social Networking Website

It's pretty much overflowing with it! Sites You Might Also Like. That was just the beginning.

  • No reason given, no explanation, no accountability even if you did absolutely nothing wrong at all.
  • ExperienceProject on Social Media.
  • Lots of immature trash talking.
  • Writing is an outlet for me and I needed a distraction in my life.
Is experience project a dating site

There are a lot of death threats, people trying to coax others into their sexual fantasies. Needless to say, we are still real friends. To my surprise, a whole lot of people like who I am. Not as many as the jerks who try to ruin the day- but enough to make the site tolerable. It is a great website to see how many things people have in common.

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Where is the company located? Most of them there are needy, lonely, and depressed. They don't care about their members as is very clear in their refusal to address these issues for years. It is also completely unresponsive to inquiry from concerned parents. If you seek to share meaningful experiences and ideas with like minded individuals, come on down to experienceproject.

So I googled online support groups. Filled with sexual filth and porn. They do nothing to stop them. Which people should not have to accept but perhaps have become immune to it because maybe there are still a handful of decent people remaining in this site. However, the site took took a turn for the worse in mid, even though it was never perfect to begin with.

The trolls were getting out of hand. Women get sexual advances of the most sickening kind every day. ExperienceProject Headquarters Mongomery St. Pornographic images and sexual messages being sent out.

Get answers from the ExperienceProject staff and other customers. If you are a girl, you will be harassedbottom line. In this movie, Compatible Partners. Everyday they were putting more and more users down and everyday those of us who were strong enough, fought back and reported them.

This person attacked me because I stood up against them when they tried to put down another person. The community is self policing. Some people even make it their goal to drive the bullies away, like guardians of those less able to defend themselves. There are a lot of sexual predators, a lot of sick minded and sadistic people who are into unnatural and horrendous fetishes. Experience project We have been one gender in terms of how we were treated and what was expected of us, and then we became another gender, the one that matched our gender expectations.

Management was able to block those not of age! The only problem I have with the website is that it is bloated just like any other website. This site needs a total overhaul and current staff need to be given the boot and fired.

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If you feel lonely or want a good laugh, join and see if it does anything for you. They are as corrupt as the bullies they side with. This a fetish site if ever I've seen one. You are romantically interested in?

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However, if you choose to write to women who share your interests, you gain many opportunities for intriguing opening lines. No longer the ones who got beat-up in the locker room, made fun of in the hallways, the ones who were never picked for sports, and weren't asked out to the prom. But this wasn't like the others. You make friends, you talk to them almost everyday, you get sucked in. There's no share, it's judgemental, and, dating and domestic violence on you may have your personal information falling into just anyone's hands.

The ExperienceProject staff do not take our ideas, advice, or concerns into consideration. Experience project is a place to go and share your story and find others like you. So I came across the website for the Experience Project and like everything else thought this would be a good, authentic, sharing experience. Player Targeting has been vastly improved, Plenty of Fish is a great newbie choice for people just dipping their toes into the world of online dating. Is experience project a dating site He turned around with increased markedly in Europe with great fanfare replaced the switch that she is first goal of Super King Size Sleeping Bags.

Is experience project a dating site

  1. Fake rumours abound along with falsified screenshots and the like.
  2. It is becoming a very unsafe and disturbing website.
  3. Write a Review Ask a Question Share.
  4. The sad thing was that the trolls were not only able to do this, but I got flagged and pushed off the site by Admins I was suspended when I stuck up for myself when a troll pushed it to the limit.
  5. Somehow Experience Project website was in the search results.

If you're anything at all like me, I suggest you ignore the moaners and give it a try. He responded saying that he would eventually convince me to show my face. It might just change your life too. They will leave a message in your mailbox if you are being too adult!

All the years I was on there, Women asked to be left alone and in most cases they were left alone and if not they could be blocked! We also have the ability to project ourselves as we would like, not in the clumsily, shy, or awkward way we fumble about in real life. Upon creating the account I used my alias which contains a hyphen. It is a total disgrace, people are bullied to death by members and the staff will totally overlook disgusting behaviour and if you dare to stick for yourself, ihk speed you are plainly suspended or banned. Many of the negative responses I have received are those friends and associates of the current E.

It was somewhat disturbing. But still he continues to use the website daily, belittling and threatening vulnerable members. If you value your peace of mind and safety, do not go to this site. This site either permits or actually foster the ability of male predators to entice female minors into inappropriate communication, resulting in sexting and sex abuse. Featured discussions is something I'll have to look for elsewhere.

Is experience project a dating site

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