You will see a message displayed on the screen indicating this and other problems such as a bad keyboard. You purchase an upgrade version of Windows and perform an in-place upgrade. If any of these three components are faulty, the boot process will stop.

If the grace period expires and you have not completed activation, all features of Windows except the product activation feature will stop working. Deal with confidential materials appropriately. Restrict user permissions. Correct Anna, a home office user, employs a technician to check the security on a computer that was hacked. Follow up with the customer to verify satisfaction.


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Incorrect To answer this question, complete the lab using information below. You have completed this lab and may go on to the next question. Reinstall all applications. Instruct the employees to activate their Windows installation.

Correct A technician assists Joe, an employee in the Sales department, who needs access to the client database by granting Joe administrator privileges. Instruct the employees to perform a startup repair from the Advanced Startup Options menu. University of Maryland, University College.

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Keyboard Mouse Network card Video card Memory Processor Hard disk Explanation When a computer first boots, it checks the processor, memory, and video card. Setting a lower number of password attempts may not be warranted in a home office environment. There is nothing in the dialog to indicate that the technician was being judgmental. Correct You turn on your desktop computer.

Run the Windows Easy Transfer wizard. Ann is not a member of the Administrators group. You're not likely to need a homegroup at work because all the resources you need for sharing are part of a typical work network. You install Windows successfully on eight computers in the office. As the paper comes out, you notice that one of them is marked confidential and has to do with an upcoming merger.

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Network Discovery is disabled. Read only R and Encryption.

Explanation When a file is copied in Windows, it's given the permissions granted in the destination folder, regardless of the permissions on the original file. Explanation You have a day grace period in which to activate your Windows product installation. Which of the following could the technician recommend to correct this? Restore user data files from a backup. Magorium to verify that the printer is still functioning properly.

Doing this often requires disposing of hazardous materials such as batteries and cleaning chemicals. Set the number of failed password attempts to two.

The permissions on the file is independent of whether Joe a member of the Administrators group or not. Later, Joe discovers he has access to the salaries in the payroll database. An administrative share is used by administrators to access system drives. You want to keep your personal settings intact and complete the upgrade as quickly as possible. You should make sure that necessary applications still run, thamburu kulir choodiyo mp3 song but you do not need to reinstall applications or copy user settings.

However, whenever he starts Internet Explorer, it still automatically goes to a shopping site that appears to be dubious in nature. Microsoft certification practice exam. This in-place upgrade will keep all of your current windows settings, personal files, and applications.


You did not complete the lab correctly. Depending on the problem, you might see nothing displayed on the screen. Explanation When you perform an in-place upgrade, user data and installed applications are preserved following the upgrade. Magorium then escorts you off the premises. It is an agency of the United States Department of Labor.


The R attribute is retained on the file. You purchase eight copies of Windows at a local retail outlet.

During the upgrade process, you want to keep all of your current windows settings, personal files, and applications. You can hear the fans start up, but the monitor remains blank. It is a cabinet-level department of the U. Users who have the Manage documents permission can manage all documents in the queue i. You wait a while, but it doesn't appear that anything else is happening.

Your network location is not set to Home Network. The R and encryption attribute are retained on the file.

Instruct the employees to disable their anti-virus software. Explanation Strong passwords are harder to hack, and they should be changed frequently. After you fix the printer, the existing print job completes. If the Modify and Write permissions for Joe on the destination folder were set to Deny, Joe would not have been able to transfer the file. Which of the following can be used to encrypt the data on this drive?