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If you wish to allocate your recently saved entries to a specific wordlist, the button below the results table provides quick access to the relevant place in the vocabulary trainer. Alternatively, the order is alphabetic this is usually the case for technical entries. Where this is not the case and you need help with the translation of a word or phrase, you can start a new discussion in the forums. You need to be logged in to start a new thread. How can I change the search direction?

In general, the order of categories in the dictionary may change depending on which categories contain the most matches for your phrase. In addition, christmas albums for the available language pairs are shown on the start page of the dictionary before you start using the dictionary.

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You can use asterisks as placeholders for prefixes or suffixes e. Step I, Wechsel Search results sorted into categories according to part of speech nouns, verbs, etc. Clicking the icons or buttons mentioned below, you may be asked to log in. The number of direct matches per category has been limited so that entries from all categories can be seen at a glance without it being necessary to scroll too much.

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The order in which the results are listed within a category usually depends on how frequently the word is used. You can change the order of results and list technical vocabulary before basic vocabulary or vice versa, as well as apply certain search criteria.

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Registration as well as the use of the forums and vocabulary trainer are free of charge. How can I quickly enter the next search term s without using the mouse? In need of language advice?

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How do I switch between dictionaries? Angaben zur Grammatik, hilfreiche Diskussionen aus dem Forum oder Beispiele. You need to be logged in to use the vocabulary trainer. Registration and participation are free! How and where can I hear the entries being pronounced?

Click on a word in your text. What happens when I search for an inflected word? If you want to look up idioms, phrases, sayings and the like, you can of course enter the complete string of words in the search field. Get help from other users in our forums.

Here is where you can switch to the forum or trainer pages of the selected language pair. Click the link below the search field called Search in a text.

Links to forum discussions containing the search term s in the title or the discussion itself. However, you can do much more than that with the dictionaries. You can change to the normal search field by clicking the link Search single word and return to Search in a text without loosing any of your previously entered text.

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BEOLINGUS - Your Online Dictionary

Transliteration aktiv Tastaturlayout Phonetisch. The cursor will be placed in the search field as soon as you start typing. Sollten Sie einen Eintrag bereits in Ihrem Trainer gespeichert haben, erscheint stattdessen das Symbol. Separate user guides are available for the forums and vocabulary trainer. We are also delighted to be strengthening our ties with Hueber Verlag.

How do I add words to my vocabulary trainer? Your access to all language courses and Survival Kits is valid for one year. Where can I find additional information for an entry?

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Automatisch generierte Aussprache unseres Partners Linguatec. Links to the individual categories nouns, verbs, etc.

10-step guide to the dictionary

You will receive a list of possible translations. And that a wealth of information about meaning, inflection, etymology, etc. Registration and use of the trainer are free of charge. In some cases cookies from third parties are also used.

What is the sorting criterion behind the order of results? For details please see Step xxx.

Did you know that you can check the stroke order for Chinese characters? Possible base forms, parts of speech, links to forum discussions - what other sections can I find on the results page? Where a search yields a large number of hits in one or more categories, only the most important entries are listed at the top cf.