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We generally don't have a problem with telling someone to take a hike when we're no longer interested in them, but this seems like it'd be suited for all of those passive types out there. It's not exactly cutting someone off cold turkey, it's more of a gentle letdown where those text message responses drift further and further apart. Don't say we didn't warn you. Maybe it's because the cold makes people want to cuddle on the couch, little people dating online or maybe it's the holiday spirit that brings romance around.

Date Ideas In The Winter

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Winter Date Ideas

The bottom line is, an awful lot of those couples are going to be on their own sucking face with strangers at pool parties six months later. Most people don't realize this, but it's also the Danish word for feces. It can be universally used and is completely inclusive. During the spring and summer, people want to go out and have flings with random people or take extravagant vacations with their friends.

Good Winter Date Ideas

Kind of fitting, when you think about it. Starbucks starts rolling out the red cups, and people start getting into relationships. Bae Yeah, we started you off with a softball. It's like any slightly gross subject, the more you talk about it, the less weird it seems.

Thirst Trap Most commonly used for a social media photo posted by a woman in which she seems to be unaware of the sexuality of the photo. We've never tried it, but it seems like the type of word that could escalate an argument extremely quickly.

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