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But list made by all users. These works set a trend in story-telling, involving simple domestic characters in their everyday life with their joys and sorrows told in a rather sentimental melodramatic language. No wonder it attracted a vast number of readers and considerably helped to promote the popularity of the novel form.

The response to Indulekha was so good, that Menon felt encouraged to write another novel. His works have a remarkable philosophical insight and are written in an answerable style, unique to himself. Raman Pillai and Chandhu Menon. Search for a book to add a reference. It is even said that it contributed to the growth of literacy.

Malayalam novel

Spam or Self-Promotional The list is spam or self-promotional. Several writers are there who portray the decline of the feudal system and of the old order of the joint family, among whom easily the most gifted is M. The fifties thus mark the evolution of a new kind of fiction, which had its impact on the short stories as well.

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Marthandavarma was completed even before Indulekha but could not be published until owing to lack of finance. Kuttiedathi and Other Stories by M. Other writers have also tried to retell other classics in the form of the novel, since the novel has become the most popular form of the narrative in Malayalam. Why is The Da Vinci Code in this list? His Pitamahan and General Chathans take us to the rarefied world of spoofs, giving us occasions for guffaws of laughter.

Kottarathil Sankunni Editor. Ummachu by Uroob is a great work, Puzha muthal puzha vare of C. The trend away from social realism interpreted in a narrow sense led to the growth of the Malayalam novel in the post-independence era. These novelists were holding a mirror up to life in all its diversities, without identifying individual heroes and heroines or villains.

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The Malayalam novel is an important part of Malayalam literature. This list can be kept for original malayalam books. Despite being a translation, mp4 video website it gifted Malayalam a new prose style. Could anyone recommend novels meeting these parameters?

10 Malayalam Must read before you die book

The novel is perhaps the best-seller in the consumerist book market today, and hence there are a large number of writers catering to that trend. Like the ones from Paulo Coelho?

For horror novel lovers, Srikrishnaparunde will be a nice read. Among those who have explored the regional novel with an intense flavour of the local language and local social fabric may be mentioned G. As you can see, it is an attempt to create a list and goes by a voting system.

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10 Malayalam Must read before you die book

Perumbadavam Sreedharan b. Has anyone anyone read them?

Randamoozham by is definitely an excellent one stay at par with Oru Deshathinte Kadha. Thottiyude makan kaanathathalla, but where are his best others? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Two New novels of Benyamin has been published. It had a historical narrative centred on Kundalatha, the daughter of the king of Kalinga. There are few groups in facebook that contain some private collection of such links. It was perhaps better suited to his world vision. The post-independence novel has been enriched by the contribution of writers living outside Kerala.

Malayalam novel

Please vote Kayar, if you like that. This era saw many pioneering works in Malayalam literature. He had also written a critique of modernism much earlier, called Enthanu Aadhunikata? Can we delete all the translated books?

The non-political social or domestic novel was championed by P. The pravasi novel has added a fresh chapter, bringing in new landscapes and new characters. Today it commands the largest readership of all literary forms.

There also have been some attempts to write detective novels, most of them deriving inspirations from popular fictitious detectives in English. The first political novels were written by K.