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Like her older brother, she has orange hair with strawberry blonde streaks though she has Ichigo's eyes. Two of the niciest people in bleach. He is calm, level-headed, intelligent, what is the right age to start dating and greatly respects his parents and friends. NarutoxShizune Shizune is too cute to be single!

Sorahime Cifer The daughter of Orihime and Ulquiorra. Two of the strongest but also nicest shinobi to walk the planet. Like his father, he is laid-back and mellow, though that is not to say he doesn't like to hang around his friends. Kira Urahara The tween daughter of Urahara and Yoruichi. Kaien is smug and eccentric but has a more calmer temper compared to his father and just like his adopted uncle Byakuya, Kaien will defend his sister at all costs.

She takes after Orihime in terms of personality as a smile is always on her face and only disspears when she is upset, which is very rare. She has her mother's looks except her eyes are lime green due to a mixture of her parents eyes. This story universe takes place where Minato and Tsunade take a romantic interest in eachother and get married. She likes aquatic mammals and being around people she knows. Would have been a great couple if Jiraiya wasn't dead.

UryuxNemu They both are calm and have father issues. Though he is intelligent and serene like his father, he has his mother's warm and gentle personality. She has short black hair with two white bangs and has brown eyes. RangikuxGrimmjow Oh, come on. She highly resembles her mother by having the same eyes and hair color but is said to bare a greater resemblance to her late aunt, of whom she is named after.

He has orange hair with streaks of strawberry blond and has icy blue eyes. She has burnt orange hair and green eyes and well endowed her bust rivaling that of Neliel's.

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Soken ponders whether to be a Quincy or Soul Reaper when he's older. He and Naruto both want to be Hokage because they love Konoha and have much pride to it. Serves him right for attacking Grimmjow.

GenmaxShizune I thinks she likes him for being such a dude. Like his parents, Michael is silent but very thoughtful as he gets along well with Audrey and his friends. He greatly loves his mother and isn't afraid of her ill-tempered personality as he is used to it and she never used it on him before. Freddy Krueger He's funny and got his head literally handed to him by Jason Michael Myers Jason's long-lost brother and rival My top two-favorites would have to be George P. Nawaki also loves Ramen and his mother's homecooking.

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He has black hair and a warm mixture of his parents eyes. Pamela Voorhees You must give her credit for starting the franchise and her death being Jason's main motivation to defend his home. She has her mother's hair. NnoitraxHalibel I don't think she really likes him in the least. HanxPakura I'm not sure if they've met, but they both seem like sensible shinobi.

Orange Marmalade chapters Latest

NarutoxFuka If she wasn't evil, she'd likely be able to do more than just kissing Naruto. She is believed to have a crush on Nick. They both know they want eachother AsumaxKurenai I always figured there was something more to their relationship than they denied.

She has a crush on Ichiku, despite being a year older than he is. He is easy-going and witty. After hearing about the soul reaper adventures of his father and uncle, he's set out to claim the vacant spot of lieutenant left behind by his uncle.

NarutoxKurenai One reason or another, I'm starting to find this pairing very interesting NarutoxAmaru She really took a shine to him at the end of the movie. Ichiku takes after his mother in personality but is slightly more cautious than she is. He enjoys reading his father's series and feeding the koi fish in their pond.

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Hisana Abarai Renji and Rukia's daughter and twin to Kaien. Like her mother, she's fun-loving and outgoing but she can be sarcastic like her father from time to time.

She is on good terms with Itachi Uchiha, with whom she casually socializes with. When not with friends, he sleeps around with his dad and does what he can to avoid his mom whenever she has one of her normal fits.

He is laid-back and eccentric as his father is though he doesn't start chasing after girls until he's a teenager. She is fun-loving and good-natured like her father yet she is a tomboy and level-headed though she does have a short-temper if someone pushes her too far.

As said above, she and Lisa love reading mystery novels together. Kaien Abarai Renji and Rukia's son and twin to Hisana. My top-two favorite actors of him would have to be Kane Hodder and Ted White. His closest friends are Ichiku and Sorahime, who both like himself, have hollow abilities. ByakuyaxHisana She was his wife, after all, and they did make a happy couple.

He respects his paternal grandfather Ryuken to some degree but also resents him as well due to his cold persona. UkitakexKiyone Love between a captain and his subordinate. Though they agree whichever brother becomes Hokage, the one who doesn't become Hokage becomes the right-hand man. MomoxIzuru I'm laughing so hard right now that my ribs ache just from the idea of those two as a couple. Like her family, Audrey is silent and timid but is very thoughtful and kind at the same time and gets along extremely well with her brother and friends.

Ichiku Kurosaki Ichigo and Rangiku's son. Fanfiction Series of yours truly Blondes in Bed Lots of love and lemons. He has his father's hair and eyes but has his mother's red facial markings underneath his eyes. Like his older sister, he has Tsunade's hair and eyes along with her personality but he takes more after Minato in terms of personality when he turns older. Killer BxMabui He did make a kissing gesture at her and she didn't seem much disturbed by it.

IchigoxNel I don't think it'd work out that well but I could be wrong NnoitraxNel That guy was freaking mean and crazy around her I'm glad he's dead. He has short brown hair and bluish-gray eyes. They've never even met before. He is very well-mannered and cheerful and easily-excited, mirroring his parents.

She has her mother's hair and eyes though she is more like Minato and relaxed. YaguraxMei If they ever met, I'm sure they'd hit it off.

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Now that they're revealed to be related, I don't know what to think about them. Hence his name, Haku has white hair due to being born slightly ill and brown eyes. Nevertheless, his abilities and hollow technique are just as strong as an actual arrancar. RangikuxTetsuzaemon That guy is a complete idiot.