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Now Hoon-dong and Jang-mi are just sugar, spice and everything nice put together lmao. Loved that he understood her value too late and there was no turning back. Dad throws down her phone and picks up a baseball bat, but Jang-mi takes the blame for continuing the charade and stops him with a backhug. Nevertheless, I do think this is a realistic conflict because Mom, being a victim of cheating, will never forgive cheaters.

Most important thing happening at least not dating. Marriage, not dating english and music news, german, rawson, but not a wrestling match. Hook up places in whole or duplicated, english sub youtube. English sub dramafire the best of those. Not rewriting the story, but more identifying where the story is weak.

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Ki-tae and Jang-mi stand in their wedding finery, at an altar under a stormy sky, both of them looking angry and hurt. And, considering one of the Korean sections of Atlanta is mere miles from my house, this could have escalated pretty quickly. She's the only reason i keep watching the show. Where all the characters have slept around before. Ki-tae just laughs scornfully, and says that things were good when there was distance between them.

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Cody simpson still hunting for update for update for awhile. This must be Hoon Dong's purpose in the show. They seemed so mature in this drama. This drama seriously made me wanna follow korean dramas again. This adds onto my list of most fave dramas.


They both say they won't do it but do it anyways. Looking forward to visit Korea with my wife one day. Yeo-reum escorts Jang-mi to her waiting room, and Ki-tae overhears him say something about wiring money and gets suspicious. Jang Hyuk sits down to answer questions sent by our community. She says that his mother has been hurt for years by a cheating husband, and that she saw her with Yeo-reum, and asks if he gets it now.

She could've send it back to his owner instead! At least the finale went out on the kind of cold open I had loved early on. He was so excited and happy with himself, too.

Having said that, I don't think it hurts to point out double standards in a show. Ki-tae stands outside the closed chicken shop and calls Jang-mi, but her father answers to yell at him for playing around with his daughter. This was also a great consolation after being disappointed so much with Doctor Stranger not that they have any relation. Ki Tae, son, you don't even know, because you won't actually open your mouth and talk about your feelings.

Very rarely do I love a series all the way through but this definitely ranks up there as a show that's perfect to binge-watch on a rainy day. At least leading men are honest? Its weird how i dont feel the need to protest about otp getting together too long.

At least Ki-tae tried, fake name what's with the brain damage Jang-mi? Thank god they started running for each other. That was a hilarious musical choice that basically made the episode for me.

However, none of those quite apply here. She seemed to be going down a path of noble idiocy and I did not like it but then the real ending happened and I was somewhat appeased. It might be the writing, the acting or a combination of both but they have not added anything aside from being plot devices.

Marriage Not Dating Episode 16 English Subbed - Korean Bus

Marriage not dating ep 3 dramafire

Unhappy marriages can do that to a woman. So mom wants to put a stop to her marriage which is a sham. Others lives provide marriage, willingham, eng sub. Online marriage not dating series at dramanice.

Marriage Not Dating Episode 16 (Final) Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

You know phone these days are built to be waterproof. Although what I took away from it was that Ki Tae really does turn into his mother under pressure. It never attempted to moralize or to stylize the scenes again, unlike Doctor Stranger. Dad asks haltingly if he can stay with her, but Mom is stubborn and tries to give the bankbook back. Her mother finally accepts the truth and asks why, but before Jang-mi can speak, Grandma comes to her defense, and says that she knows it was an act but it was never malicious.

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  • Jerkface and asked for a divorce, the house, and told him to hit the road!
  • But if he had started his talk with a confession, if might have turned out better.
  • Ki-tae wonders if he should start proposing now that the bet results are in, but Jang-mi stops him again.
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What's better is that I didn't have a lot of expectations going into this but ended up taking a lot out of. It's a difficult task, given all the lies and deceit behind them. They kept mentioning a plot twist so much that I thought it was going to be something epic, but all it was was whats her name getting knocked up by that one doctor guy. Like in singing, diving and acting. She tells Mom that Ki-tae thinks of those as his happiest days, but Mom remembers them as lazy days.

  1. Usually, guests wait until after they get some alcohol in their system before they create a scene at your wedding, but nope, this was all sober.
  2. This kind of gender bias truly does drive me bonkers and I'm a woman.
  3. He is so immature, I think that was the only way.

This one of the less-buzzed drama when it began but ended with a bang. Jin Woon needs to work on his acting. It ended the way it started- everyone being a drama queen. And finally Ki-tae and Jang-mi.


Jang-mi starts crying harder to know that Ki-tae likes her, and hits Hoon-dong for telling her and making it harder go get over him. Men have more power in organizations and social circles. It was such a perfect moment and so freakin well executed. Took her long enough, jeez.

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Ki-tae starts towards Jang-mi and she tries to stay calm, but they freeze as Hoon-dong and Hyun-hee step between them to begin the wedding ceremony. He was likely quite sweet w her or else she might not have gone as far as preparing that big proposal? Man, presents for those aunts of GiTaes are so damn annoying.

The only character that I truly care about at this point is Ki-tae's mom. Before, their quirks and hangups were holding them back, but they learned to take those qualities in themselves and use them in a positive way instead of letting the personality trait be in control. Now all of a sudden, the truth is just so much more harder to believe. It really felt believable and consistent with their characters and a long time coming.

All of the wedding guests run for cover, leaving Ki-tae and Jang-mi to stand in the rain at the altar all alone. Yes, I can see your point there. That doesn't just go away.

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