Michael Jackson - Billie Jean Music Video

Billie Jean

American rock band Weezer included the song in their covers album Weezer. The paparazzo never catches him, and when photographed Jackson fails to materialize on the developed picture.

Michael jackson - billie jean music video

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The cover was also successful although intricacies of the original were not included in the cover. Trailed by the police, the paparazzo is then arrested for spying on Billie Jean. After he performs a quick spin, Jackson jumps and lands, freeze framed, on his toes.

Was this review helpful to you? Eventually, Jackson received a parcel containing a photograph of the fan, a gun, and a letter instructing him to kill himself at a particular time. The incident necessitated reconstructive surgery. The letters disturbed him to the extent that he suffered nightmares.

Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana. The music video shows a smiling Jackson in a black and white tuxedo with a black bow tie dancing and singing the song while appearing chroma keyed over a background of abstract geometric figures. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Directed by Steve Barron, the video shows a photographer who follows Jackson.

It also reached number one in the United Kingdom and several other European countries, and reached the top ten in many other countries. British Phonographic Industry. One of the greatest videos around and a very historical one.

Michael jackson - billie jean music videoMichael jackson - billie jean music video

Jackson's quiet vocals enter, accompanied by a finger-snap, which comes and goes during the verses, as the rhythm and chord progression repeats. The paparazzo never catches the singer, and when photographed Jackson fails to materialize on the developed picture. Jackson's vocal range spanned from a high baritone to a falsetto and he usually wrote melodies to show this range. Quincy Jones Michael Jackson.

The defining chord progression is then established. Users of the site cast their votes online.

Jones granted him neither and the two fell out for several days. She entices the crowd with a seductive come-on before luring Jackson to her bedroom, through the fragrance of her perfume. Throughout this, the chord progression remains unaltered and is laced with Jackson's vocal hiccups. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Just everything about it is just pure gold.

Select singles in the Format field. Recording Industry Association of America.

In the United States, it remained at number one on the Billboard Hot for seven weeks. It just sort of happened organically. Jackson lip-synced the entire song, because organizers feared that the evening's backing band could not replicate the sound of the recording.

The event featured many popular Motown acts, past and present. During an instrumental interlude, he executed a move that many believe sealed his status as a pop icon. To the mother's dismay, Jackson had the photograph of the woman framed and hung above the dining room table of their family home. Dancing in a lonely desert, Michael dances with model Naomi Campbell. This one is in the history books.

For the film, see The Legend of Billie Jean. Upon arrival at the hotel, Jackson climbs the staircase to Billie Jean's room. He dances to Billie Jean's hotel room and as he walks along a sidewalk, each tile lights up at his touch. All the musical and vocal elements are then brought together in the final chorus.

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In return, Michael and his brothers were to star in two commercials for the company. Michael Jackson, chinese iphone applications Naomi Campbell. Michael Jackson uncredited. According to Jackson's biographer J. Jones had Jackson sing his vocal overdubs through a six-foot cardboard tube.

Billie Jean

However, she continued to send letters stating that she loved him and wanted to be with him, and asking how he could ignore his own flesh and blood. After two more bars, a repetitive bassline enters.

Canadian group The Sound Bluntz also recorded a cover which peaked at No. Learn more More Like This.

Yesterday, Today, Forever won acclaim and was nominated for an Emmy Award. There never was a real Billie Jean. In addition, Jackson wanted extra royalties. Australian Recording Industry Association.

This accompaniment is followed by a repetitive three-note synth, played staccato with a deep reverb. Yesterday, Today, Forever.