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After you share us the link via online form eg. There are detailed instructions on how to do that in the link. In the pro account, you can remotely open the camera on your device. With it, you can switch from the front to the main camera.

No Guest Posts Requests, Please. Record with difference ApowerMirror comes with additional features of recording phone screen and taking screenshots. Screen Stream Mirroring Pro. Display options include Full Screen mode or Landscape mode, providing you with different viewing options on a more convenient, bigger screen that everyone can see together.

Ready-made photos can be shared on social networks. This app is kind of necessity for every girl.

ApowerMirror - Mirror iPhone/Android to PC in Real Time

Please do not rate poorly if you do not have read the instructions. For iPhone and iPad users, we provide a link to the app's official iTunes page. Most men need a mirror only to shave, but, in the end, if there is no mirror, they can generally do without this procedure a couple of weeks.

For a woman, the absence of a mirror is just a disaster. The app also offers robust features such as voice commands. Home Apps Lifestyle Mirror Review. Girls can quickly fix hair and makeup, guys can even shave in the field.

You can also record it to video files. But you, most likely, will hang in the Mirror Lab and will experiment with the effects for more than one hour. Almost completely hand free so you never have to worry about having a dirty mirror. Now you may make mirror impact on your Android smartphone by downloading this application you will have your own mini photo studio where you will create masterpieces with your fingertips.

5 Best Methods To Mirror Android Screen to Your PC (No Root Required)

5 Best Methods To Mirror Android Screen to Your PC (No Root Required)

While everything with this app is close to perfect, there is a slight problem with it. Therefore, be sure to duplicate this mandatory item of a handbag in your smartphone. There is also a link to the purchase page for the paid version of the application. Welp, it looks like you're the first user to experience issues with Mirror. Try on yourself the actual bows of stars or create your own unique image.

It would seem that such a small thing as a mirror does not play a big role in our daily life. Apart from Android screen mirroring, the software even lets you take screenshots, record screen and control your Android device manually. The application makes it possible to overlay various frames on the image, replacing them with a simple glide of the finger across the screen. Put on a crown, stick a sticker or make a real royal makeup right in camera mode. Make a Touch Enabled Smart Mirror.

ApowerMirror - Mirror iPhone/Android to PC in Real Time

The Magic Mirror Dashboard Generator

Very simple and useful application, try it, guys. According to the developers, this application is the best of its kind. It offers the basics like weather, transportation time, news etc.

If you want to be sure the application works with your device you can use it before purchasing the Pro version. Particularly effective are distortions in the form of a kaleidoscope, fractals, planets, etc.

Mirror is an application for Android that in a few seconds will turn your smartphone or tablet into a mirror. Do you know about any other Android apps for smart mirrors? Download this application for Android and you will have your own studio, stedman medical dictionary where you will create masterpieces the main effect is a mirror effect.

The mirror app is ridiculously easy to set-up. Magic Mirror allows you to apply special effects to individual parts of the face, for example, distort the mouth, nose, forehead, eyes and so on. Check out Magic Mirror here. Speculum android app for magic mirrors. Never carry around a compact mirror again!

If you have something to say about this app and make own review - write us. You can use your Android device remotely through the Mobizen website. The only drawback with Vyson is most of its necessary features comes with a price. In the main menu, you can view information about the program, and so rotate the image, open it to full screen and turn on the backlight. In the settings, there is the ability to mute the sound, if after a while it starts to bother.

The best thing about Mobizen is that the basic features are free to use. Just log in through this Mobizen website and follow the same steps above. The application is easy to use.

Stream to a Bigger Screen

The floating bar will show any notifications that come up on your device. From high resolution mirroring to share Android screen wirelessly, everything needs a subscription. The program contains a huge number of funny functions. ApowerMirror comes with additional features of recording phone screen and taking screenshots.


Mirror Review Unfortunately, professional review of the Mirror app is not yet ready. Smart Mirror provides users with a wide range of information and customisable features using simple and easy to use voice commands. You can use apps, play games, take screenshots and much more.

MirrorGo Android Recorder

However, this screen sharing app has an endless number of platforms support. Nice reflection despite light conditionsNone. Brianna The mirro i think is perfect.

The Magic Mirror Dashboard Generator

Stream to a Bigger Screen

Max works for Google, so of course he makes an app on android. Some of them only slightly change the image. Keep in mind that all these Android screen mirroring apps need a strong Internet connection. There's no need to look for a mirror in a bag or somewhere else. Maybe the problem is my pretty old model of smartphone.

To do this, you need to select one photo from the gallery and open it in edit mode to overlay all available visual effects and stickers. Is there a mirror on the rest? There's not a lot of questions about Mirror.

Transform, record, stream and share your voice with live effects! This app has a neat feature built in that attempts to read your mood by using facial recognition and the front facing camera on your android device. Your Android phone will come to your rescue.