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Most intimidating sports team names, intimidating Team Names

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Probably the worst offender in this category in all of sports are the Toronto Raptors. That it survived a trans-continental move, and inspired the name of a football team, just proves the point. Great non-basketball examples of good, location-specific teams are the Minnesota Vikings and the late, belarus kazakhstan online dating lamented Seattle Supersonics.

They brew beer in other cities, of course, but not even St. It evokes the old Miami of sport fishing and Earnest Hemingway, and has a nice, sharp baseball sound to it.

It sounds like a compromise chosen by a committee, with an eye toward fitting in newspaper headlines. The Baltimore Oriole is a small bird icterus galbula that eats grubs and small insects.

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Does the name only make sense for that team, for reasons of history or geography? But it had some local character and I like teams named for seafood. No other team seems to have copied them. Unusual or historic names will score higher.

Louis is as associated with brewing as Milwaukee. And Senators are definitely not fun. They do get points for their secondary nickname, the Pale Hose. They seem to have exiled Chief Noc-A-Homa and his tepee in the bleachers, but the tomahawk and name remain.

In Los Angeles, they join the Lakers and, in spirit, the Utah Jazz as teams whose names are vestiges of their original cities. Louis Cardinals Another small, colorful bird.

Intimidating Team Names

The Giants may be an old and distinguished franchise, but their name is dull. The name is clearly an ancient relic, but the fact they were the Athletics in Philadelphia and Kansas City before Oakland makes clear how universal it is. They get some credit for persisting with their name through the Cold War, although lose some for temporarily abandoning it in favor of the Redlegs during the s. No other city could name its team the Astros although the Houston Rockets took similar inspiration. The team, formerly the St.