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Gently stir in cereal, pretzels and raisins until evenly coated. Apparently as a married adult it gets all kindergarten on game nights. Definitely making this for parties this year, thank you for posting!

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Your jerk chicken looks yummy, too. Chocolate-Cherry Crunch Mix. Feasting on Life is when guests come empty-handed, or with a dish, and they bring their story.

This would be perfect for our weekly movie night treat. Making cute stuff is fun, isn't it? Friends, Chex Party Mix has the perfect, hassle-free, convenient snack this holiday season.

The party will be live tonight. This post is sponsored by Chex Party Mix. Can we ever have enough party mix? They get cheap and put in too many pretzels and not enough wheat chex but there is something else lacking too. Of course we are huge hot chocolate drinkers around here.

Cook in second intervals and stir between each. How far ahead can you make these? This post includes Amazon affiliate links at no extra cost to you!

Return to baking sheet to allow to dry. Then flip it over and dip the top in the melted candy and press a mini marshmallow on top. Looks like a snack we'd enjoy. Get healthy recipes and tips delivered to your inbox weekly. Spread hot mixture on prepared baking sheet and sprinkle with sea salt, if using.

Healthy Weeknight Dinners Photos. Had no problem with them breaking.

Santa Hat Party Mix

Popcorn Party Mix

Your snack mix looks delish! Although it was a joke, it was really yummy! Start with your favorite board. Love your idea of going rouge on the recipe. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, set aside.

Great xmas presents, gonna start early. Make Your Own Hummus Hummus may be an old favorite to some, but still foreign to others. This will be a definite next year for Christmas gifts. That snack mix looks really yummy and those hats are just adorable. It'd be great for the holidays!

Salsa can be more than just tomatoes and onions, though. Those Santa hats are great!

Better than Sex Mini Chimis. Adapted from my Classic Party Mix.

Plowing through Life in the Country...One Calf Nut at a Time

This variety sounds highly addictive! Through great recipes and connection around the table, we become better, stronger, and more courageous people. Just follow the directions and you're all set. Anysuggestions of what else I may be able to use.

Immediately start dipping. My daughter and I made these. Would it work to sub in coconut oil for the butter in this recipe? In other words, use a garlic press.

This reminded me of something I love making for the holidays. And by the way, when I say double boiler, I mean a stainless steel mixing bowl on top of a saucepan of simmering water. That was the flavor I bought.

Spread on wax paper or a cookie sheet to cool. Let cool and store in an airtight container. You have me craving a big bowl of this popcorn now!

Golden Grahams Party Mix - Yummy Healthy Easy

What makes this mix fun is the addition of the Santa hats. Also, sherlock holmes stories in malayalam I spinkled some halloween orange what I had on top while the chocolate was hardening. Thank you so much for sharing.

Also, I think that you could use green melting candy and multicolored sprinkles to make Christmas trees, too. When they are set, remelt the red candy disk if necessary and dip just the bottoms the large part of the Bugle into the white sprinkles.

Home About Sandy Work with me Contact. Nearly all Wilton products say that. The mix stays fresh for a couple days if you put it in an airtight container. In a microwave-safe bowl, add remaining ingredients and microwave until butter is melted. Here's how to make your own.

Santa Hat Party Mix