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Following the stock market crash that occurred in the previous episode, Finch, Reese, Fusco, and Root go to install software at the stock exchange that will stabilize the market. Darren tries to hire Reese to avenge his brother's death, but Reese just keeps a quarter and says he will work to put his brother's killers behind bars, meaning no killing. When The Machine decides not to communicate with Samaritan, Samaritan changes course, bringing New York City to a halt as it allows crime to dramatically increase.

She allows Finch to help him escape and pretends to be subdued. Finch breaks into the casino server room and gathers the needed evidence, but is caught and taken hostage along with Reese, Leon, and Lou. Elias encourages Bruce to go back to the shadows and embrace them. Elsewhere, Shaw is revealed to be alive and in Greer's captivity.

List of Person of Interest episodes. In the Machine-generated perspective, individuals are marked by dashed boxes with different colors indicating the person's status in relation to The Machine and whether they pose a threat. Afterward, she and Harold's team coincidentally reach the same person, a janitor. She's not interested, indian classical remix songs mp3 but he leaves the door open for her if she changes her mind.

To keep Annie safe, Finch is forced to make a deal with Elias, who continues to run the biggest criminal organization in New York from behind bars, in exchange for a game of chess. Reese intervenes in time to save them, leaving Theresa in the care of Carter. But Claire is unaware that a private military firm from which she stole files for the game is after her to recover those documents.

Root receives a call from Shaw for help. When he implies that Finch lied to her, Grace snaps and firmly tells Greer that Finch would never lie as Grace gave him her unbreakable trust. He confronts Trask, who says that Rick is the one stalking Lily.

He turns state's evidence against the gang and is then placed on house arrest, as the court deems him no threat to society and due to his help in getting convictions on the crew. Elias, using mind games, provokes Dominic to kill his right-hand man, Link, during the torture session, to avenge the death of Anthony.

List of Person of Interest episodes

Person of Interest Season 2 Episodes

Ultimately, The Machine agrees to talk with Samaritan, and Samaritan indicates the time and place of the conversation. Before she can react, she discovers a phone on which Samaritan reveals its presence and recognizes her as an asset. She also praised the episode's exploration of the parallels between being a human and being a machine.

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Root interrogates Weeks for the location of the Machine. Control, after being rescued, tracks Yasin to Canada.

Greer agrees and releases them, and takes a group to go in search for The Machine's location. Reese tells him he and Elias stay out of each other's way, and that he and Dominic could also stay out of each other's way if Dominic stops targeting innocent people. Root offers to help Finch by protecting Simon as he escapes the hotel.

Later, Finch goes to meet Turing, but instead finds Alicia Corwin, who demands his help in shutting down the Machine. He lets them go when he sees the vials. Members of the ring will not hesitate to kill anyone who gets in their way. Reese regroups with Finch and Root at an electrical substation hidden in residential Brooklyn.

Excuse me for my absence and resulting lack of awareness, but where are these two daily episodes available for viewing? Here, Reese and Fusco are once again trapped, and Reese sacrifices himself by setting off a grenade after installing the software.

Elias threatens Carter, trying to force her to open the door, while Reese rescues Carter's son and Gianni Moretti, Elias's father. Carter tells him that the perpetrators were three males linked to local comic-book store owner and drug dealer Andre Malik Yoba. The episode ends with Root and Reese driving north, and Control visiting the New York Stock Exchange to investigate the site of the shootout between Harold's team and the Samaritan operatives.

Shaw, having just walked out of her old job as a wheelman, has her interest piqued by Tomas. Shaw learns about The Machine in the season two finale and subsequently becomes a member of Reese and Finch's team.

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Season four covers the team's life in hiding. During season two, another organization of powerful business figures, Decima Technologies, is revealed to be attempting to gain access to the Machine. It turns out that Dominic is being aided by Harper, who now works for him. Root is overjoyed that Shaw is back, but Shaw, afraid of risking Root's life, threatens to shoot herself, simulation or not.

Person of Interest (TV series)

Carter arrests Brick as Reese and Darren rush off in her car. Another important story line revolves around Root, a psychopathic hacker who is determined to gain access to The Machine.

In the process, Reese is trying to escape, the slow process of death is shown with Carter. Reese receives a mysterious code from the Machine via the pay phone. Reese finds the male Hester's apartment, and discovers they're making ecstasy while Finch explains to the female Hester what he does and suggests she move somewhere safer.

But, when Reese follows Cahill away from the group, he finds that Cahill's former name is Daniel Tully, and that he's a husband, father and cop, who is deep undercover. As they're leaving, Root tells Finch to reach that location before Samaritan in order to save The Machine. While Reese is in a wheelchair, Finch rents an apartment for him.

Afterwards, Reese takes Benton to an empty home and contemplates whether or not to kill him to protect his future victims. The Machine gives Finch his number, but too late for Carter and Fusco to save him.