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Prabhu finds the culprit and hands him to the police. Prabhu witnesses a murder planned by a gang led by a don Selvam Kishore and his accomplices. Ravi makes one more attempt at Prabhu's life but he was snubbed again by Prabhu. The attack was arranged by Ravi himself to kill Selvam.

He and his father Murali fall into minor misunderstandings, and he indulges in a romance with Hema Divya Spandana. Selvam asks Ravi to stay back while he handles the killers. When Prabhu is caught in stealing a pittance from his father for booze with his friends, he questions his father's responsibility towards his upbringing. You have already rated this movie.

Filmography of Vetrimaaran. The next morning Ravi visits Prabhu's residence and threatens him to withdraw the complaint against Senthurayan. Suddenly, he gets stabbed by Ravi and dies. Reminder Successfully Set!

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Prabhu gets his bike back and was relieved for a brief time before coming to know what is going on and Ravi is after him and his family. Vimala Geetha agreed to produce the film, but she also dropped the film. The movie ends with Prabhu leaving on his bike. We serve personalized stories based on the selected city. Out gets furious and vows to kill every enemy of his mentor Selvam including Prabhu.

Prabhu manages to dodge Ravi's swing of his knife and gets a steel rod to fatally knock down Ravi. Ravi creates a scene among Selvam's associates that he is not aware of who launched the assault on Selvam. Prabhu Dhanush is a happy-go-lucky middle-class family guy who spends time playing carrom.

It was too late for Prabhu's father, who receives the attack from Ravi's men and gets admitted in a hospital. Prabhu tells the truth to Selvam but refuses to believe that his brother Ravi and his men stole his bike. Rathnam and Salem Chandrasekhar leaving the project after initial interest, Dhanush's sister Dr. Selvam returns home, and when he finds out what happened to Ravi, he sends his henchmen to kill Prabhu. The bike eventually saves his life from a freak incident and gets lost, subjecting him to interminable anguish as he searches for his bike.

Selvam, Ravi and their men visit Prabhu to condole and apologize for what happened this time. Prabhu purchases a Bajaj Pulsar bike and finds a job. Prabhu finds Ravi hiding in an Ice-factory and engages him in a fight.

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Polladhavan was remade in Kannada as Punda and in Telugu as Kurradu starring Varun Sandesh but it could not repeat the success of the original version. Polladhavan was based on The Bicycle Thieves.

When Prabhu is about to leave, Ravi provokes him to continue the fight til one of them gets killed. Prabhu finds Ravi hiding in an ice factory.

The director revealed that there was initially an issue with the actress after she got offended by his words and did not come for the shoot for three days, before Durai intervened. Mumbai Mumbai search close. However, after two days of shoot the film was shelved and Dhanush opted to pursue other films after the surprise success of his Thiruvilayadal Arambam. Ravi creates a scene among Selvam's family, henchmen and Out that he's not aware of who launched the assault on Selvam.

Polladhavan Songs Lyrics

Polladhavan Songs Lyrics

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Ganesh wraps shooting for Polladhavan remake. Ruthless Man is a Indian Tamil action thriller film written and directed by Vetrimaran. The movie was not excellent as Aadukalam, song of dabang 2 Visaaranai and Vada Chennai. The movie is directed by Vetrimaaran and featured Ramya and Dhanush as lead characters.

Prabhu learns that Ravi smuggled drugs in his bike. Prakash Kumar to score the film's music, while Dhanush also recommended cinematographer Velraj to Vetrimaaran after the pair had worked together in Parattai Engira Azhagu Sundaram.

As the movie deal with the same problem throughout the movie it lagged a lot. Ravi delivers the killer blow before telling that Selvam is too complacent of Prabhu and he's going to kill him after killing Selvam. Prabhu turns down the apology and again an immediate fight was about to break between Prabhu and Ravi before Selvam separates them both. Add this title to your Watchlist.

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Divya Spandana says goodbye to films. He gets brutally injured though only to find out that he's been stabbed on back by his own Brother Ravi. Prabhu purchases a Bajaj Pulsar bike instead and finds a job. Prabhu turns down the apology, and a fight was about to break between Prabhu and Ravi before Selvam separates them.

Although he wants to stay away, Prabhu invariably gets dragged into rubbing shoulders with the criminals who now target his family to seek revenge. More To Explore Search on Amazon. Storyline Plot Summary Genres Action. Let's work together to keep the conversation civil.