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She mumbled a name under her breath, something that Chris thought sounded suspiciously like Sara Crispino. At the very least, he was direct. Chris clutched at his chest dramatically. But who is this new starlet?

And he won the world bronze medal that year! Flipping over in bed, Chris turned to look at the notifications again, and for the first time in his life, he wished he had bleach for his eyes. Now, it was Georgi Popovich.

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He was preparing to close his eyes and get whatever sleep he could when the phone buzzed again. Then, it was Mila Babicheva who was referred to him by Victor. Oh, and to help poor Georgi Popovich or Yuri Plisetsky, of course. Was it because he was that friend you were close to but not close enough to see on an everyday basis just in case you embarrassed yourself?

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Mila's eyes widened and Chris swore she turned the color of her hair. He was so going to strangle Victor later. Maybe it was because he already had thirty-something flutes of champagne that day was it in the forties yet? You can totally pass it off as an accident if it goes wrong, you know?

Those were the words of Victor Nikiforov, arguably his best friend, at four in the morning. Victor Nikiforov was freaking engaged. But he had only actually brought it out last year. She's not Anya, but I am just always r-reminded of our time together.

Chris sighed, rubbing his eyes and pushing himself upright. We finished it pretty much ahead of time but Yulia's mother said that Yulia would not perform it. It looked like beauty sleep would have to wait.

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Chris definitely needed to retire. It was an ungodly hour in the morning. Not necessarily in that order.

Was it because he brought a stripper pole to the Grand Prix banquet that one time? She scratched the back of her head and gave him a genuine yet shaky smile. Definitely, positively, one-hundred percent frustrated. Also, the additional points that judges give for complicated elements make up part of the final score anyway.

Chris sighed in understanding. Mila's face turned even redder than her hair, a feat Chris thought was impossible.

And figure skaters look calm, cool, collected and fabulous while competing. He was seriously questioning his life choices. Adam takes us on his journey of personal growth up to his inspiration for his musical choice for his program, which he is also using this season. And thus, Chris could speak his mind freely. Asking his students for advice.

Russian Figure Skaters Win Team Silver at Winter Olympics

After everything he put up with, it would've been cruel and unusual punishment if Chris was not offered the role of best man at Victor Nikiforov and Yuuri Katsuki's wedding. Christophe Giacometti generally considered himself to be an easy-going person, certainly one of the more sociable people in the pool of Grand Prix qualifiers.

He was never going to be able to look at another Russian skater the same way again. Sometimes he wondered how half the Russian skating team was still alive, considering they bothered him so much. While her mother had also been a figure skater, Medvedeva began practicing the sport not to continue the family dynasty but first and foremost to correct her figure. Professional Swiss figure skater. And before going any further, I am going to quickly dismiss any discussion about figure skating not being a true sport.

Dance with her around a pole and strip. Okay, to be fair he had brought a stripper pole to the banquet every time he qualified. Victor had arranged their meeting once he heard Chris was stopping by their home rink in St. He also was a pairs national champion with his skating partner Kristi Yamaguchi. It wasn't as if Plisetsky was incapable of uttering the one-syllable word, seeing that he had just held a conversation with Chris by using it three times in the same monotonous, deadpan voice.

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He is now emerging as a superb figure skating broadcasting announcer who takes his work seriously and showcases his vast knowledge of figure skating and every single competitor. He is an excellent spokesperson for diversity and individuality, and treating all humans with dignity and respect. So Yurio, bless his heart, did a quick search on facts about elderly relationships and came back screaming to me and Yuuri on the phone.

He needed to turn that thing off. On the ice there is certain competition and it spurs us on. Off the ice we all get together. Clearly, Chris was out of touch with the sheer depth and severity of relationship angst these days. However, the figure skater does not include the rittberger jump in her program because it is not stable.

Professional Swiss figure skater and confirmed Grand Prix finalist. Still, he did not expect to become the official dating advice giver for every single figure skater in all of Russia. Of all the skaters in Russia, Chris did not expect Yuri Plisetsky to join the bandwagon of people asking him for relationship advice. My list of outstanding men include skaters from the past and present. Running an unofficial dating advice ring for Russian skaters who don't listen to him to begin with.

At the very least, he needed to get out of Russia. First, it was Victor Nikiforov who called him in the middle of the night. And also seriously regretting every single life decision he had made that lead him up to this point in his life. Georgi started talking about his ex-girlfriend before the food hit the table.

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Heck, you can even say it in Russian. However, as Georgi began to speak, Chris realized that the Russian skater was being entirely, genuinely, frighteningly, who is r truth dating one hundred percent serious. He wouldn't want to miss out on his chance to cultivate fresh gossip from the Russian figure skating team for the world.