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What will happen when she comes to know that Anant lied to her? Swati Ghosh Navyanka Varma.

Keerat is not only upto his tricks to create disturbance and misunderstandings between Atharva and Aastha but very tactfully uses Baapji too. Meanwhile Ishaan is trying to help Sona to be away from the clutches of her obsessive and abusive husband. She is filled with s o much positivity that she even manages to melt a stern hearted man like Maan Singh Khurana. His coming home has stired unexplainable emotions in Shailaja.

These tracks are cute, fresh and totally on point! Mohan and Kastur spend some lighter moments getting to know each other making those scenes the highlights of the week. Dharti ghoomna band nahi karegi. She is a bag of mixed feelings which is not getting an opening. Yet another layer of Mohan is revealed during this week that he is heavily into gambling.

Tanmay refuses to believe that Arushi and Shakti had no marital relation with each other when they were married. At a time when education is the most important part of growing up years, Archana wins your hearts straight away because she gave up her education for the sake of her other sisters and family. This is for the sporting moms. She has received two Filmfare and one National Awards.

Re bohot diye hain abhi jo sookhe nahi. Even though he is disappointed with Iccha and Rathod for keeping him in the dark but he does not hold it against either of them. But now all seems to be looking up to her for different reasons. On the other hand Suhana and Ishaan are trying to find answers to questions pertaining to Sona.

Will the mother daughter duo beat Kokila this time? While Kastur is trying to fit into the Gala parivaar and keep everyone happy, she also ends up taking the blame for things that is not her fault at all.

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While Ashwin thinks that Priya is all ready to rekindle the old flames, least does he know that he is digging his own grave by trying to get close to Priya. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Pinterest.

Genda Phool - Remix

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Viren brings Manvi home and surprises Jeevika on her birthday. She is hell bent on making situations worse for her. All hell has broken loose in the Jharkhand parivaar. Kehne ka mann hai, Par baatien nikalti nahi.

On the other hand Pratigya is low and restless with the thought of handing over Samar to a new person who she has doubts about. With the Maha episode being aired today, one can only wait and watch. This definitely brings the much-awaited twist in the story. Hope that answers your question! Will Anandi and her family find out the mastermind behind this abduction?

These are neutral numbers either of the parents can dance to, while of course looking Oh! Will this trip of Manvi give way to a new love story between her and Viraat? Eshwar is trying even harder than before to get accepted back but is failing miserably. That is what makes her lovable. To see the upcoming drama, tune to Hawan on Colors.

Catch the ladies of the Modi Pariwar in action next week. By continuing to use this website, photo psd background you agree to their use. Will Trishna apologise or will her ego come in the way? Notify me of new posts by email. Meanwhile will Rathod get to know the truth behind the Ploice Raid and the person responsible for the same?

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Time adds years to you, but never forget the person rising inside is the same you! So will the viewers eventually get to see a confession tonight? Her first music album consisting of Ghazals. Sometimes, he would have meals with them. As Anandi breathed a sigh of relief on seeing Jagiya and embraced him, the moment definitely left the viewers with teary eyes and a deep sigh.

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Very Nice latest Indian wedding songs for Parents of the bride and groom new sangeet songs. How can i watch hindi movies online or download hindi movies and hindi latest songs for free online?

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Genda phool in English means the marigold flower which is generally used in wedding decorations. Swanjhane ke phool or drumsticks flowers- they are bitter flowers available for a very short time of the year but can be made into quite a delicacy! Answer Questions Can anybody help with this grunge sounding song?

Dadi tells Badi, that she had seen Babuji reading his sons letter and shedding tears remembering him. She is trying her best to make things work thumbs up for that. However as time progresses life changes and what you wish for, and what you do may not always concur. Suhana is now learning the ways of life, as she takes up the responsiblity of running a house alone in Mumbai.