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Shaun the Sheep official site. They find the farmer, but he does not recognise Shaun, who is heartbroken. Feeling unwanted, Shaun, Bitzer, and the flock make a makeshift home in an alley. He wanders into a hair salon and, acting on a vague recollection of shearing his sheep, how to videos off youtube cuts a celebrity's hair.

Bitzer acts as foreman, blowing his whistle, checking the sheep into and out of the field and lunching with a flask of tea and sandwiches. Charles Copping Dave Alex Riddett. British Board of Film Classification. His dim owner never notices the flock as anything but normal, and Bitzer tries to keep it that way.

He concocts a plan to have a day off by tricking the farmer into going back to sleep by counting his sheep repeatedly. They came up with several contingency plans, which included inserting a speaking human character into the cast, or having a character that performed songs to explain the narrative. Salva Internet Contatti Removal. The effect is contagiously cute.

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Life s a Treat

In the first episode, a stray cabbage bouncing into the field provokes an impromptu football game. At the farm, the group hides in a shed. Magdalena Gorka Follow Katy. Calvin Harris - Feels Official Video ft. Shaun, a mischievous sheep living with his flock at Mossy Bottom Farm, is bored with the routine of life on the farm.

Ilan Eshkeri composed the music for the film. Calvin Harris - Feels feat. British Broadcasting Corporation. The insane Trumper, using a tractor, tries to push the shed into a nearby rock quarry. He is popular, and is a natural leader.

The Tour tickets available now! He is enthusiastic about new technology. The character went on to star in spin-off series Timmy Time.

Shaun the Sheep by Nick Park. In an Adventure with Scientists!

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Katy Perry - Swish Swish Official ft. The film follows Shaun and his flock into the big city to rescue their farmer, who found himself amnesiac there as a result of their mischief.

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He likes pizza, and only has one tooth. By clicking I accept, you agree to our Terms of Use. The farmer wakes up, regains his memory, and Trumper is defeated through teamwork. Their spirits are revived when they stumble upon evidence of the farmer's memory loss.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He tolerates antics, but steps in if things get out of hand.

He loves his teddy bear and will cry if he is without him. Omid Djalili voiced Trumper. In this way it is reminiscent of silent comedy films and even Pingu and the animated version of Mr. Slip leaves, but is adopted by a bus driver who finds her on the road. Never show this dialog again Close.

The farmer receives a blow to the head and is taken to a hospital, where he is diagnosed with amnesia before leaving. Shaun the Sheep Movie British theatrical release poster. It's not often you see a cartoon that references both Night of the Hunter and Silence of the Lambs. List of accolades received by Shaun the Sheep Movie. British theatrical release poster.

However, although bullies, they are not evil in nature and will sometimes side with Shaun if a common cause arises. Mark Burton Richard Starzak. There is no spoken dialogue, even by human characters.

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However, the caravan in which they put the farmer to bed accidentally rolls away, taking him into the city. The first series was deemed a success worldwide and a third batch of episodes the second series production-wise is currently being aired. But when her offspring goes astray, she is inconsolable until he is safely back in her care.