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Love-struck audiences all over the country will undoubtedly wish for a love as great as Kenji and Athena's. It became a way to vent my feelings that time. Yes, but not because of their feelings alone.

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To see you grow from my gangster, to a man and to a father. It must have been an easy read but it really was not. The characters had the potential to be good but they were really poorly described and written. Plus, best dating sims visual novel it was really irritating to see various emoticons. Characters The basic characters are the same except that Carlo adopted brother on the original story and only appears after half of the story became the real brother of Athena female protagonist.

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This is their film, from beginning to end. Photo from Instagram Bianca also understood that when she was approached about the idea of turning the book into a film there would be changes. It knows what it is, what it is not, and where it came from. She re-created them in such a way that the pieces missing out from the book were, effortlessly, on the big screen. Unting-unti na ako naniniwala na mali yung mga alam ko.

You are made for the big screen. Kenneth and Kelay were a marvel to watch.

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Oh, oh, hindi tinatago ang mga ganyan kagagandang ngiti. Ay grabe talaga maiinlove ka talaga sa kanya. Ano ba itsura ng boyfriend mo?

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Hai, nakakamatay naman talaga. All photos courtesy of Star Cinema One of the greatest love stories, Romeo and Juliet, was a matter of timing. And it makes me hate myself more, dahil nagalit ako sa Daddy ko na hindi ko inalam yung totoo.

But while there is no mistaking the sacrifice of both Kenji and Athena, there is also an alarming sense of disappointment to their love story. But I never want to be a film snob, especially films of my own country.

And by emoticons, I do not mean the simple emoticons. Okay, it has one but it was too confusing and indirect. Kahit saan ako pumunta lagi nila akong tinatanong kung ano daw ang sekreto ko at kinaya kong mabuhay ng ganito katagal. This is acceptable because, most probably, foreign people might read the book as well. Kasi dito kita papakasalan.

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Ask for something stronger. May bagong rason kung bakit gusto ko pang lumaban.

It was composed because of emotions. Ask for something greater. There were too many imperfections of this story but I won't mention them all. When asked what made her say yes to the movie version, Bianca said it was because of the readers themselves.

Kung may natutunan man ako, yung takot ko ang papatay sa akin. And now all I want is to see him alive. But maybe this is where Kenneth and Kelay will do a better job. But eventually, they fell in love with each other. Nabigyan ako ng bagong rason para mabuhay.

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But whether two of everything is better than one of anything is still a matter of debate. Kenji initially asks Athena to pretend to be his girlfriend to get his ex-girlfriend with the same name jealous. When challenged, their love bends, then folds, but ultimately breaks. Kathryn Bernardo on the other hand is undeniable.

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This photo was taken during the moment I first knew what real love was. It could have been set in the present with its characters mouthing pop culture references that are hip and relatable to the target audience. Plus, that undeniable tension between these two characters was so palpalble I wanted to go inside the film and push their lips together for that one fairy-tale kiss. Portraying two different characters in one movie and was successful in making both adorable yet unique at the same time.

You asked me kung sino yung isang who the other Athena was. Kung bakit ayaw pa nito sumuko. You are beyond amazing in this film. She is the reason why I'm going back to Legazpi.