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Ishita takes the petrol and goes. She consoles her that Neil will give Mitali another chance. She says its good if I end this and leave from here, you go, give me petrol can. She wonders about her whereabouts and thinks of informing Romi. Ishita applies lotion to her hands and sees blood.

Ashok says so maybe Ishita was there, but his wife said Chadda is out of city, then what was Ishita and his wife doing there. Pallavi asks her to just go. Ishita gets the bag out of the car and drags it.

Details Author Write something about yourself. Detect my current location.

Raman asks Pathak to contact Chadda tomorrow. Dipika Kakar bags the trophy. He asks Raman to wait, and he will come there.

Neil files for Mowgli's legal custody and divorce from Avni In the latest episode of Naamkaran, Neil tells Mitali that he really wants her in his life. Pathak says Chadda is not receiving and calls again.

Neil then tells his father that he will not let Avni win this time around. He says you called Abhishek, and we traced your phone, we went there and watchman said you took big suitcase and went with Pallavi, Neelu said you went to clinic, how did you go to Chadda.

Ishita cries as she did murder. Please type your location and search again. Bhalla asks Raman to let her freshen up and rest. Ishita says a boy was needing help, he was unable to come to clinic, and I went to his home. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

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Ishita switches off the phone and thinks where to hide it. We don't have permission to access your location.

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Ishita says what, I should leave you alone here. Krushna Abhishek's twin baby boys are obsessed with Ranveer Singh, here's proof. We've detected your location as Mumbai.

She gets scared and says I did murder. She cries and says I attended him at his home and then visited Pallavi, there was heavy things which she was giving away and I helped her, my phone was off and I could not contact you. Pallavi asks Ishita to go. Here's how Kasam fame Ssharad Malhotra's wedding card looks like.

No need to be fancy, just an overview. Ishita goes to buy some petrol. She tells the man that her car broke down at some distance and buys petrol. Raman says call Chadda and ask him does he need any more papers, we will end this case soon.

Synopsis Star Plus is a leading entertainment channel launched in broadcasting a variety shows from drama, comedy, reality shows and thrillers. We serve personalized stories based on the selected city. Ashok says I met Chadda in some party and thought to give him a case, I went there, and his wife said he is not at home. He says you should have informed us, was Chadda not there to help Pallavi. He tells Raman that he could not find Ishita.

Star plus tv serial ringtone download

You can change your city from here. Ishita apologizes and goes.

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Ishita washes her hands and face, and hears her phone ringing. He says I will meet Chadda in morning, old papers are misplaced.

Pallavi stops the car and says this place is good to dump body, get the bag out and I will see if there is some danger. He then meets his tourist guide.

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Star plus tv serial ringtone

Neil's father learns the shocking truth about Mowgli The latest episode of Naamkaran starts with Neil asking Avni to leave his sight after she breaks the mangalsutra that was tied to his hand. Ishita gets locked in an abandoned room The latest episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein starts with Mihika visiting Bhavna's house only to find it locked. She starts cleaning the blood and cries. Facebook Twitter Gplus Pinterest. Star Plus is a leading entertainment channel launched in broadcasting a variety shows from drama, comedy, business model toolbox reality shows and thrillers.

Raman says we did not get any clue. Romi leaves from petrol pump and stops as Raman calls him. Shagun, Raman come to know that Ishita is possessed In the latest episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Ishita once again eats from the spirit, Sonakshi's hands. She offers it to Raman but he refuses. Shamita Shetty abused, driver slapped in road rage.