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GeneRally Customize cars and race! Rather, the racer got points by beating the clock. Show off those cool driving moves to friends! You can customize some indestructible muscle cars, military vehicles, and more in this wild driving game. Aim high, jump far, and make a splash as you try to beat your best score and improve your skills while having mega fun!

These things are pretty expensive! The river in this action game is pretty dangerous. The pigs have gotten loose! Take the wheel of this car and find out if you can reach the finish line before your opponents do. Enjoy the simple life as you aim a European exotic down a stretch of hauntingly beautiful Pacific coast highway with a train of police cars following in your wake.

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Try out the ramps or just perform a few bunny hops. Go for the time attack mode to test your speed or play the championships for ultimate battles and tricks.

Earn cash for super cool upgrades too. Cross Racing Championship No matter what type of racing you like, it's here!

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It's not a cheap habit, but it will please serious racers. Go up against them in the Time Attack mode, in an elimination race and more. The player is interested in being put behind the wheel without the real-life consequences or price tag, all in the name of fun. How good are you at parking? An expansion pack was released in that added seven additional tracks to the option list.

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Avoid obstacles, collect blue bonuses, and be the first to reach the finish line. Race Off is fun but familiar.

You take take them on in the single player mode or challenge gamers from all around the world in the multiplayer one. Paradise-style open-world racing with online connectivity.

Customize your car before you head to the starting line. Driving Hone your ability to park and drive with a variety of cars.

Along the way, however, several notable games have set new standards for the racing game genre. It's biased towards games that offer a lot of variety of experience in one package, eset nod32 total security as well as toward more recent games that will work with a minimum of fuss. Bicycle Games See all games. Hop into all of the awesome inner tubes and other vehicles at this gigantic water park.

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Need for speed world is the only one I know. Drag Racing Feed them your dust with your tuned-up car! Street Racing Street racing is a category of the racing game that brings the player closest to reality. Customize your car and dominate the underground racing scene!

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So, do you have any tricks up your sleeve? Burnout Paradise is seven years old. These two cyclists are buzzing through their hometown. Race as one of your favorite Nicktoons characters!

Extreme Trucker Face the most extreme trucking routes! Take control of this catapult and see how far you can fling each one of these cars. New posts Trending Search forums. Can you pick a winner in each one of these thrilling races? All that treasure awaits you!

Hide the progress bar forever? Make daring jumps and flip in the air on your trusty motorcycle!

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Take on the best as you try to reach first place in this totally cool sports racing game, Rally Racer! Drive up, down and as far as you can without flipping over. You've also got to keep your wheels or legs on the ground.