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Anyway, Zoey runs into Loren and he comforts her. He takes her to his dorms- apartments- I don't know, nor do I care.

Now, that brings me to my next issue. The main thing is that they form an Imprint, which overrides Heath's imprint.

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But since this series is twelve books as far as I'm aware, nothing can kill Zoey. Without Stevie Ray, Zoey has to have bad birthday presents! Not every girl who has sexual desire is a ho.

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To quote Yugioh the Abridged Series- she's a main character! Then Zoey's first boyfriend Heath gives her a bracelet and she's happy. No, they just talk about how fiine Loren is. Stevie Ray comes, it's a trap, I don't know. It just means that the publishers haven't lost any money on this book.

My plan was foiled and the only book they had available was the third book in the House of Night series, Chosen. Her birthday is near Christmas, which means that everyone does the cliche thing and gives her Christmas themed gifts. Erik and her friends get mad that Zoey acted like an ungrateful bitch, and she has the audacity to say that it's not her fault. There's her old boyfriend Heath who she imprinted on and now shares some sort of sexual bond.

There's a notable scene when Zoey's boyfriend Erik gives her a really pretty necklace and she's estastic until she sees it has snowmen on it. At this point I just wanted the fucking book to end. You were too busy whining about having sucky birthdays to mention this fact. What's Zoey's reason for Stevie Ray to be human? Then she still has feelings for Heath as proven when she basically humps him in public.

But after reading an informative book on the publishing world, now I can. Who didn't see this coming? But the clincher comes at the end of the book. Zoey, it is your fault, sweetie. Then Zoey finds out that Loren was using her and he's in love with the baddie, Neferet.

Zoey is fond of using the word ho. Everyone else can go right ahead and die! For a good bit of the book Zoey goes around kissing Loren and then feeling guilty and whining about it. Of course she never does anything to stop it.

He calls Zoey a slut, accusing her of playing all innocent and virginal while she's been seducing her Professor. There's no need for you to make it into a scene where you confessed you were abused. You see why she needs Stevie Ray in her life? Zoey is a filthy hypocrite. What follows is my favorite moment of the book and Erik's crowning moment of awesome to me.

There's also tension with Zoey's rival Aphrodite joining Zoey's group of friends because she has an affinity for earth. Yes, Erik, space flight sim rpg dating how dare you not forgive your girlfriend for cheating on you within an hour? Imprints make you feel sexual desire and she and Loren have sex. So Chosen follows Zoey's struggle to help her best friend Stevie Ray regain her humanity. Never mind that her best friend is losing her humanity and chomping down on humans- the important thing is that Stevie Ray looks gross as a feral vampire and her victims might have lice.

But oh no, Erik comes and see Zoey naked with their Professor. That's what I like to see!

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Zoey's rival Aphrodite who is much more likeable than Zoey despite being her rival saved him. There's her Professor Blake, or Loren, who is a man that makes her feel like a woman. When Erik is still understandably upset, Aphrodite makes a remark that people take an incredibly long time to get over things that happened before. One of her other problems is that she has three boyfriends.

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The book starts off by Zoey trying to see how many times she can say suck while complaining about her awful birthday. That just ruins the present.

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Maybe I should be grateful. Zoey's friends find out that she cheated on Erik. Saving your best friend from a bad birthday- that's a real friend. There's a wonderful scene when Neferet tells Zoey how much she sucks.

Stevie Ray is back to normal which means she can plan decent birthday parties for Zoey, yay! Zoey seems to think that having any sexual desire whatsoever makes you a ho.

My plan was foiled and the only book they had available was the third book in the House of Nigh I had a crazy idea last night. My brain still has to recover. The whole thing with Stevie Ray goes back and forth.

Some shit happens, something about Stevie Ray and some people who are supposed to combat the threat of religious fanatics. The words ho and slut are tossed around a lot these days, and not in the right context. There's her current boyfriend, Erik, who understands her. You didn't tell your friends you didn't like Christmas themed gifts for your birthday. The stereotypical religious group that Zoey's stepfather runs, kills Loren, so the vampires are declaring war.

Zoey's crying because Erik's been Changed and it reminds her of when Stevie Ray died. He calls her out on being a hypocrite and then says what a fool he was to have fallen in love with her. Do they reprimand her for it? Zoey whines to her kitten about how she'll have to put on a fake smile while people give her lame presents she doesn't like. Zoey wakes up the next morning and describes herself in the most vain way ever.

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